Hospital bosses still break guidelines on golden handshakes

Hospital bosses forced to stand down last year because of reorganisations or criticism of their work received golden handshakes totalling €3.3m, magazine Medisch Contact reports on Wednesday.

Four hospital directors were given severance packages which break the unofficial limit of no more than one year’s salary.
The biggest payout went to Maarten Imkamp, who left the Gelre hospital in December 2010 with a €385,000 deal.
Super bug
Number two is Paul Smits, head of the Maasstad hospital in Rotterdam who resigned after a super bug outbreak which infected 118 people.
Smits was given a pay off of €236,000, an amount which led MPs to demand repayment. But the new survey shows he was also given three months salary, taking his total severance package to over €300,000, the magazine says.
In addition, a number of directors are retained by the hospital where they worked as consultants, once they have officially left.
For example, the former head of the St Antonius hospital in Nieuwegein officially left the job in May 2011 but was paid €163,333 for eight months advisory work after that date, the research showed.