Romania wants action on PVV website

The Romanian ministry of foreign affairs wants the Dutch authorities to take action against a PVV website asking people to report problems caused by central and eastern Europeans.

The website ‘violates European norms’, is discriminatory and not in line with the European spirit, the ministry told in a statement. ‘We have asked the Romanian embassy in The Hague to ask the Netherlands to take measures [against the site] because it violates European norms,’ the ministry said.
The Polish embassy in the Netherlands has also called for action against the site, which asks people to report ‘problems caused by central and eastern Europeans in terms of crime, alcoholism, drugs use, dumping household waste and prostitution’.
The site, launched on Wednesday, will encourage discrimination, an embassy spokesman told Nos television. The embasssy has written to PVV leader Geert Wilders urging him to take the site off line and has also asked the national ombudsman to state whether the website breaks Dutch law.
Bernard Wientjes, leader of the Dutch employers organisation VNO-NCW on Thursday called on the government to distance itself from the PVV campaign. The website is ‘a form of demonisation’, Wientjes told a news conference.
Dutch social affairs minister Henk Kamp has refused to condemn the initiative. He said on Wednesday it is up to individual parties to decide what they do. The prime minister has not commented.
PVV spokesman Ino van den Besselaar told the Telegraaf on Thursday the site had already received 14,000 complaints.