No trains in Utrecht and Amsterdam as snow chaos continues

The heavy snow in the Netherlands on Friday led to chaos on the roads and serious disruption to train services, with no rush hour trains to and from Utrecht and Amsterdam. Elsewhere there were far fewer trains than normal.

At the height of the problems on the road, there were 830 km of traffic jams, making Friday the fourth-worst day on the roads ever.
Rail users organisation Rover said the problems with trains were ‘ridiculous and unacceptable’. Despite the warnings snow was on its way, Dutch Rail (NS) was unable to cope, Rover pointed out.
Up to 14 cm of snow fell in some places, causing serious problems on the roads. By 16.00 hours, some 900 accidents on minor and provincial roads had been reported and the ANWB motoring organisation urged people in central parts of the country not to drive.
Public transport was also affected in The Hague and Amsterdam and some flights from Schiphol were delayed or cancelled.