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Queen Beatrix celebrates 74th birthday, is she about to abdicate?

Tuesday 31 January 2012


Dutch queen Beatrix celebrates her 74th birthday on Tuesday, making her the oldest reigning monarch in Dutch history.

The previous record holder was King Willem III who died on the throne at the age of 73 years, 277 days.

There has been increasing speculation in recent weeks that Beatrix may be about to step down in favour of her son Willem-Alexander. Beatrix will have been queen for 32 years on April 30 and her mother Juliana abdicated after 32 years on the throne.

Some point to the fact Juliana stood down on April 30, 1980 when Beatrix was 42. Willem-Alexander will turn 45 on April 27.


Gossip magazine Privé said last year Beatrix will step down on April 30, citing her large new limousine (too big for her alone) and the prominence of Willem-Alexander and his family in holiday photographs as evidence.

The NRC suggests the appointment of a close confident of Willem-Alexander as director of the queen's private cabinet is another indication change is on the way. In addition, Beatrix's close advisor Herman Tjeenk Willink has left the Council of State.

Furthermore, the Dam palace in central Amsterdam has finally been renovated and the prince's controversial holiday home in Mozambique has been sold, removing one stain from his reputation, the paper points out.

However, the paper says the possible prosecution of princess Máxima's father in connection with his role in the Argentinian junta, and the young age of the prince's three daughters, are also indications a speedy abdication is not on the cards.

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Readers' Comments

I would presume that's she's sorted for a pension, unlike the rest of the country.

By H. | 1 February 2012 8:38 AM

This “gossip” may be good for gossip magazines and newspapers who make money from it, but for those more intelligent who pay for this antiquated institution it’s all just a waste of tax payers money. Just imagine the costs of changing “In naam der Koningin” (In the name of the Queen) on everything?
It would nice to see “signs” that the monarchy actually cared about the citizens, regardless of who the monarch is. It is shocking that they took a pay increase and still refuse to pay taxes in these very difficult economic times. Kind of like a previous monarch who ran off to the UK and Canada when things got rough for the citizens.

By Quest | 1 February 2012 1:48 PM

this "prediction" gets trotted out every year. I guess one year they'll be right.

By Moi | 1 February 2012 4:18 PM

Dear Quest,

I assume you are implying that Queen Juliana "ran off" during World War II. That simply was not the case. In the first place, Queen Wilhelmina was on the throne then. Secondly, it was a complicated situation. To stay in The Netherlands would have meant Nazi appeasement. Queen Wilhelmina would never have done that. To question the motives of Queen Wilhelmina would be at best uninformed, and at worst ridiculous.

By Matt | 3 February 2012 7:26 PM

I would make that 75, not 74.

By GS | 28 January 2013 6:41 PM

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