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Poverty on the increase in the Netherlands, says new report

Tuesday 06 December 2011

Some 60,000 households will slip below the poverty line by the end of next year, bringing the total number of poor families to 588,000, according to a new report by the national statistics office CBS and the government's socio-cultural policy unit SCP.

While single parent families and people living on benefits account for the bulk of poor households, an increasing number of people who work as freelancers are also now considered to be poor, the report states.

By the end of next year, one in nine children under the age of 18 will be growing up in a family which has enough for its basic needs, but little else, the report says.

Freelancers now account for 50% of the working poor, compared with 41% 10 years ago. Six out of 10 of them own their own homes.

The two organisations have a different definition of poverty. The SCP uses a definition based on basic needs and minimal savings for recreation and 'participation in society' - about €1,000 a month for a single person or €1,880 for a couple with two children. The CBS uses €940 and €1,770 as its cut-off points.

The current minimum wage for an adult is just over €1,400 a month.

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Readers' Comments

I bet there is a very small exclusive group here in the Netherlands that will become much richer as the rest of us becomes less fortunate. This is following the US model, which the Dutch love to copy.

By Bill | 6 December 2011 10:31 AM

Consider yourself very fortunate if you are counted as a household in the poverty figures but still have the ability to own your own home. Then you are rich. "Six out of 10 of them own their own homes." Owning a home these days is but a dream for many families.

By Jan | 6 December 2011 12:32 PM

"...Business schools teach privatizers how to arrange bank loans and bond financing by pledging whatever they can charge for the public infrastructure services being sold by governments. The idea is to pay this revenue to banks and bondholders as interest, and then make a capital gain by raising access fees for roads and ports, water and sewer usage and other basic services. Governments are told that economies can be run more efficiently by dismantling public programs and selling off assets..." ENTIRE article is worth a read ==> http://neweconomicperspectives.blogspot.com/2011/12/europes-transition-from-social.html

By BizarroNL | 7 December 2011 7:59 PM

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