Police in Chile on Joran van der Sloot’s trail

Police in Chile are said to be closing in on Dutch national Joran van der Sloot who is wanted in connection with the murder of a Peruvian woman earlier this week.

According to Peruvian media reports, Van der Sloot is hiding out in the town of Arica, after paying two brothers to take him over the border.
Dutch media reported earlier that an international arrest warrant has been issued for Van der Sloot, who is suspected of killing Stephany Tatiana Flores, 21.


However, local police chief Douglas Rodríguez has told the international media that there is still no international warrant for Van der Sloot´s arrest.
Flores disappeared on Friday and was found dead on Wednesday morning at a hotel in Lima.
She was last seen in the company of Van der Sloot and the hotel room where she was found was in Van der Sloot’s name, according to local media reports.
Her murder comes almost exactly five years after American teenager Natalee Holloway disappeared on the Caribbean island of Aruba. She was last seen in the company of Van der Sloot, who was 17 at the time.
International criminal law expert Geert-Jans Knoops told the Telegraaf on Thursday Van der Sloot would not get any special legal protection as a Dutch national in Peru. Nor is it likely the Netherlands will ask for him to be extradited to the Netherlands.
In addition, Van der Sloot would have to serve any jail term in Peru because there is no prisoner exchange treaty between the two countries, he said.
Van der Sloot’s Dutch lawyer Bert der Rooij said he had emailed his client to ask if he can be of any assistance. ‘I have not had an answer,’ he told news agency ANP.