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Orthodox Catholics angered by gay decision

Friday 05 March 2010

Orthodox Catholics are angry at the Den Bosch bishop's decision to allow openly gay men and women take communion, if they go first to confession, news agency ANP reports on Friday.

The compromise follows a row over the refusal of a local priest to give communion to the openly homosexual carnival prince - a traditional part of the pre-Lent festivities.

But now the website of the Catholic magazine Catholica has launched an online petition in support of the priest. 'The Catholic priest Luc Buyens.... has been attacked by homosexuals and then placed in the cold by his own church,' the petition states.

Officially, the Catholic church regards homosexuality as a sin.

In February, a service at the St Jan church in Den Bosch was disrupted by activists and the communion celebration cancelled.

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Readers' Comments

With all the apparent homosexual and pedophile priests within the Catholic church, which is probably the vast majority, one would think the orthodoxy would at least be silent on the issue even if they don't agree.

By Buzzer | 5 March 2010 3:39 PM


"Orthodox Catholics angry because it's not the dark ages any more"

By Mark | 5 March 2010 3:40 PM

How come orthodox catholics are angry at the bishop's decision, but not angry at the multitude of priests interfering with choirboys?

By Bene the Rat | 5 March 2010 3:40 PM

The church does not regard "homosexuality" as a sin, only "homosexual actions". The church also condemns as sins contraception, masturbation, remarriage after divorce,masturbation and missing Mass on Sundays.

Yet it is only "homosexuals" who are refused communion. The bishop originally intended to apply the rules equally by refusing communion to all: that would have left very few people eligible for communion.

The church also recognises the primacy of conscience. The decision that now stands simply applies standard church teaching.

By Terence Weldon | 5 March 2010 9:31 PM

I am a Catholic myself. I believe in my faith but not what the church tells me to do. I think the Catholic church has forgotten who is GOD. Let God be the Judge and not the church to tell you who can or not go to church!
" Let he who has not sinned, cast the first stone."

By Sarah | 6 March 2010 1:21 PM

As to Buzzer's comment: All the more reason to speak out loudly and clearly. The reason should be obvious.

As to Mark's comment: There is no period in history darker than the 20th century. As to the medieval period, the Church was the brightest light, and it was the main civilizing influence.

As to Bene the Rat's comment: we orthodox catholics are very angry at "multitude [?!] of priests interfering with choirboys", but the sinning priests are anti-orthodox and disobedient.

As to Terence's comment: the Church recognizes the primacy of a well-formed conscience.

As to Sarah's comment: God also said "What you declare bound on earth will be bound in heaven. What you declare loosed on earth, will be loosed in heaven." The Church has the right and duty to decide concerning the behavior of its members. It needs to do a better job, but the members also have their responsibility to follow God's will and commandments.

What these posters ignore is that disobedience and dissent are the causes of all these evils. If people were orthodox and obedient, those things simply would not occur. Period.

By Steve | 6 March 2010 9:53 PM

The decision of the bishop can be questionned as it not about who is a sinner (everyone is a sinner) but who recognises his sins (as homosexuality). The church has the responsisibility to safeguard the holiness of the Communion by mentioning what is a sin and how you have to behave before taking the Communion.
One more thing. Pedophily in church is a disaster but far behind pedophily among youth workers or teachers (that we do not hear so much) !
In any case, the church will not be destroyed by this event as many anti-christians fundamentalists would like to.

By Daniel | 7 March 2010 8:29 AM

How can other people judge what is in the hearts of those who line up to receive the Eucharist?

By Rev. Phil Mares, M.M. | 7 March 2010 12:09 PM

you guys are all missing the point. If you don't believe what the church teaches, you are not Catholic! Also the church is not telling gays they cannot go to church, they are telling everyone that premarital sex is a sin. Also the article says that homosexuality is a sin, but the article is wrong, the church teaches that homosexuals that are not living sinful lives, are not sinners just because of their orientation. Also, stating that the vast majority of Catholic priests are pedophiles, just shows your anti-Catholic, uninformed, bigoted opinion. This is not the case at all and all the research points to the fact that more protestant pastors are pedophiles than Catholic priests by ratio, but even that is a very small percentile on both sides!

By theduddha | 8 March 2010 3:06 AM

Funny how the Catholic Church allows child molesters to take communion (and give it), but not gays.
You have to love the church.

By Darren | 8 March 2010 7:25 AM

One can't have it both ways. People bash the Church for sexual abuse, then turn around and bash the Church when it "dares" to confront homosexual behavior. The two go hand in hand.

Most of the sexual abuse in the Church has been homosexual in nature commited by men with homosexual tendencies who should have never been ordained in the first place, although the corrupt mainstream media won't tell you that.

You want to stop the majority of sexual abuse? Root out homosexual behavior within the Church. Priests who have a normal and healthy heterosexual ideation do not molest post-pubescent boys. On the contrary, they lead holy, celibate lives and treat people with dignity. There are many in the Church like this who never get any media attention.

By Rob | 8 March 2010 7:37 AM

People you confuse something here. Belief and priests. If there are priests who are criminals these does not mean that church as an organisation is characterised by them also. Christianity teaches that homosexuality is not accepted. I am not saying if this is good or bad. Thus, those people that dont agree with that can have their own belief or whatsoever. It should not work...ah..priests abuse children thus gay people should be accepted.

By kos | 8 March 2010 10:14 AM


You make an assertion that is dangerously close to "All homosexuals are child molesters". By the same token we could assert that any group with an extreme minority are all extreme.

What the church is ignoring is that being a homosexual, even a practising homosexual, is not illegal. Being a child molester, on the other hand, is illegal.

I wonder what fuss there would be if the Church heard confessions from other sinners (non-believers, people who use the lords name in vane, people who work on Sunday, those that disrespect their parents, murderers, adulterers, liars, and those that are jealous) and then gave sacrament?

It is all very well saying that the Bible tells you that being a practising homosexual is wrong but the law also says that you may not show prejudice against anyone based on their sexual orientation.

Let me put it another way. If I were to put an advert in the paper saying "Room to let, no Jews, Blacks, or Gays. Dogs welcome." I could expect at the very least that the paper would refuse to run the ad, at worst a visit from the police. And yet you practice the same kind of prejudice by only admitting gay people if they denounce their sexuality.

Oh just so that you know. There are plenty of hetro-sexual men that molest young girls.

By Nick | 8 March 2010 11:19 AM

Rob: Priests who have a normal and healthy heterosexual ideation do not molest post-pubescent boys. no they just loested the girls! what has sexual abuse got to do with homosexuality? i suppose you are one of those people who associate AIDS with it too.

By Jennifer | 8 March 2010 11:28 AM

I quote: "Officially, the Catholic church regards homosexuality as a sin."

The Catechism of the Catholic Church makes a clear distinction between the sexual condition and the practice of gay sex. The disordered state is not sinful, but the commission of homosexual acts is. It is your failure to make this difference plain that has confused so many of your readers.

By Geoffrey Smith | 8 March 2010 11:57 AM

To all those who have missed the plot...
Please do not equate the "law" (made by foolish and corrupt politicians at the behest of self-serving voters) with the Word of God, which is the teaching of the Catholic church.
For eg. the Church will never accept abortion; it is murder, even though legally it is OK.

All are sinners, but to receive the Holy Eucharist we must confess and be willing to change our ways. This Sacrament was refused to an openly gay carnival prince, he was obviously flouting his deviance. Much like a murderer coming up holding a knife with blood on his hands, he too will be turned away. The article states "bishop's decision to allow openly gay men and women take communion, if they go first to confession". That position is very much in keeping with the spirit of reconciliation, it is now up to the gay men and women to confess and change their ways. A very simple solution!
I cannot understand what the "orthodox" catholics are angry about, except that the reports indicate that the Bishop made a compromise, and the Word of God cannot be compromised.

By AC | 8 March 2010 2:19 PM

RE: Mark "Orthodox Catholics angry because it's not the dark ages any more"

Catholics aren't angry because it's not the dark ages rather they are angry at people like moral relativists like Mark who want to accept only those beliefs that apparently fit their lifestyle.

Vatican I clearly sets forth what a catholic must believe. I refer you to Vatican I, On Faith, Chapter 3, paragraph 8. If what you find doesn't suit you, you are free to use the exit door.


By Mike | 8 March 2010 3:10 PM

There should not be confusion in what
the Church teaches. On matters of morals and the faith, the Holy Spirit
protects the Church from errors.
Astrology, banking, investments,
and a host of secular matters, the
Church can certainly err.
Either one believes that the Catholic
Church was founded by Jesus Christ and
appointed Peter and His apostles to be
charge of spiritual matters or not. And, you can or cannot believe the Catholic Church started with
Jesus and His Apostles down to the present Pope and Bishops. But Catholics
believe in these basic fundamentals.
The Church simply states that active
sexual activity between same sexes is
sinful. They, also, state this same
rule for unmarried hetrosexuals male
and females. One must go to Confession first before reception of the Eucharist. And one of the promises
made during Confession is to try
not to commit this same again. If the
promise is not made, then one is not
Because many simply do not understand the Catholic Church, they
can only relate to the latest fads
regarding very serious matters.
The media bombards us with their false
messages regarding homosexuality as
well as the total acceptance of
living together before marriage as
normal. And the greatest weapon of the
modern world is to "mock" what they
do not fully understand on a spiritual
level. Emotions play too much of a role
in today's society or the familiar
thought..."well, this is how I feel about
this or that." The Ego becomes god and
determines what is right or false.
The Church as a Divine Institution is
ignored completely.
One can say, "the gov't is corrupt so
I am not going to pay any taxes any
more". You will pay or go to jail.
You will pay a price.
The Gov't has the power via the Constitution to enforce you to pay your
taxes. In the same way, The Church
has the right to speak out on matters
of faith and morals.

By Ron McGinnis | 8 March 2010 6:56 PM

I normally do not like responding to other posts but this time can't resist.

Jennier: Normal and healthy heterosexual priests who understdand proper sexuality DO NOT molest or "lust" after girls or women. They are men who live celibate and chaste lives like Jesus. They know how to treat people with respect rather than sexualizing them.

And Nick, I am not labeling all homosexuals with child molestation but am stating that the majority of sexual abuse in the Church is homosexual in nature. The majority of abuse cases have been with post-pubescent boys (age 14-19)not pedophelia. This is homosexual. The priests who did this are confused/uncomfortable with their sexual identity. They are very immature sexually and do not understand proper sexual relationship. I submit they should have never been ordained in the first place and the (liberal/politically correct) bishops who are afraid of offending others by coming down aggressively on homosexul behavior are at fault for letting men like this get ordained.

It's time for the Church to take a strong stand against homosexual behavior and for chastity.

By Rob | 8 March 2010 7:04 PM

The Holy Eucharist is not a democratic privilege, it is a sacrament. If received in an unworthy state, it becomes a sacrilege and a mortal sin. People who insist on receiving it in the state of sin only make their spiritual condition much worse. Is all this too dificult to understand?

By Mariusz Wesolowski | 9 March 2010 12:43 AM

Rob: pay attenttion. i was replying to your comment that sexual abuse and homosexuality go hand in hand. i was simply pointing out that hetrosexual men also molest!

it is naive to state that these priests are 'very immature sexually and do not understand proper sexual relationships'if that is the case then they should remove themselves from situations that may lead them to MOLESTING kids.

i do not think that a 14 yr old boy who gets raped repeatedly by a 'confused'priest can see it any other way. And besides the church has always taken a strong stand on chastity, on the outside. if someone has premarital or homosexual sex they are doomed to hell but if one theirs does it it is brushed under the carpet.

By Jennifer | 9 March 2010 8:28 AM

"And besides the church has always taken a strong stand on chastity, on the outside. if someone has premarital or homosexual sex they are doomed to hell but if one theirs does it it is brushed under the carpet."

- Jennifer | March 9, 2010 8:28 AM

This statement is too simplistic. In both cases the destiny of the sinners depends entirely on whether they express genuine remorse for their sins before they die, and receive the sacrament of penance with a proper disposition, assuming they have the opportunity to do so. If they obstinately refuse to do so, then they are both 'doomed to hell', and no amount of 'brushing under the carpet' will save them.

By Geoffrey Smith | 9 March 2010 4:02 PM

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