Sunday 26 June 2016

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Amsterdam house prices continue to soar


House prices in Amsterdam continue to soar and the average square metre price is 26% higher than a year ago, according to new research from the national statistics office CBS.House buyers are now paying an average of €4,190 per square metre for a home in the capital, compared with €3,320 last year.Throughout the Netherlands, the average price rise is just 1.4% at €2,179.Utrecht is second on the list of most expensive places to buy a home, with an average square metre price of €2,960. This is up just over 6% on a year ago. In The Hague prices have risen 3.6% and in Rotterdam there was no increase.  More >

Tenants offered discounts to help refugees

Tenants offered €100 off rent if they help refugees set up homeA housing corporation is offering tenants a €100 discount on their rent if they help asylum seekers set up home in the Netherlands.The Trudo corporation, based in Eindhoven, says the 'adopt a newcomer' scheme will help people who have been granted asylum integrate into their new homeland, Omroep Brabant reports.'If refugees are given legal status we are required to house them,' said director Thom Aussems. 'We want to find someone in the housing complex who can help them feel at home in the neighbourhood and let them know the customs of our country.'They will be able to raise the alarm if they see something going wrong with their financial affairs, healthcare or education.'Trudo said the idea had emerged from an earlier project in the city where students were given a discount if they spent 10 hours a week mentoring local children. Around 350 children were given support in this way.  More >

Housing corp under fire over Airbnb plan

HousingPlans by housing corporation De Key to allow its tenants to rent their homes out via online platforms such as Airbnb have led to calls in parliament for the project to be stopped.VVD parliamentarian Road van der Linde said he plans to ask housing minister Stef Blok to stop De Key pressing ahead with the experiment, which was announced earlier this week. He also criticised Amsterdam's mayor Eberhard van der Laan for suggesting that social housing tenants are missing out on money because they are not allowed to rent out their homes.Amsterdam's agreement with Airbnb bans social housing tenants from placing their homes on the website. Home owners and private sector tenants can use Airbnb with the permission of their owners' associations and landlords.'I really don't understand what Van der Laan is on about,' Van der Linde said. 'What would we think if he put his official residence on Airbnb and pocketed the income?'Social housing tenants, he pointed out, live in property where the rent is kept deliberately low. 'How do you explain that to a policeman who can't find a place to live in Amsterdam?' he said.The city's ruling coalition has already said it does not support allowing social housing tenants to use Airbnb and has asked the mayor to explain his comments in more detail.  More >