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Opinion, columns, comment and blog links on all things Dutch

photo Dutch newspapers

Uberpop is the solution, not the problem

Uberpop is only doing what others have failed to do: promote competition, improve quality and lower prices, writes Dutch Uber general manager Niek van Leeuwen.

photo Dutch newspapers

Let us be Dutch among the Dutch

Having dual nationality has an alienating effect on young Moroccan Dutch, writes Nizar Mourabit.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Fatal flaw

Many over fifties are playing a flawed benefits system and this means they are in no hurry to find a job, says Annemarie van Gaal.

photo melinda jacobs

'Walking along Amsterdam's canals can be an amazing experience'

We put 10 questions to entrepreneur Melinda Jacobs, 28, an American who studied digital gaming in Utrecht.

photo Alexander Pechtold

Royals: thrifty or spendthrift?

It is fine to spend money on the king as a symbol for unity but not on the king as a man in need of a private jetty, writes D66 leader Alexander Pechtold.

photo Dutch newspapers

What politicians should know about nuclear power

Christian Democrat leader Sybrand Buma's comment about a return to nuclear power shows he is not the brightest spark, says Jan Paul van Soest.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Air France-KLM: Come strike with me

Air France-KLM pilots would rather run the company into the ground than consider its future welfare, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Dutch newspapers

Spud boutique

Potatoes with a story from a pop-up spud boutique in Amsterdam (Jan Evertsenstraat 105/107): farmers are getting trendy, write Joris Lohman and Marjolein van Vucht.

photo Jan Maarten Slagter

Beer anyone?

Heineken might not be up for sale, but shareholders deserve more transparency, writes Jan Maarten Slagter.

photo Dutch newspapers

Crowdfund a cow

Crowdfunding a cow is good for cows and customers, write Joris Lohman and Marjolein van Vucht.

'I've loved bacon and cheese pancakes since day one'

We put 10 questions to British accountant Stephen Huyton, who has lived in the Netherlands for 20 years and would spend his last day here cycling round Texel.

photo Dutch newspapers

Silver rather than gold

Dutch education goes for silver rather than gold and for good reason, writes INSEAD adjunt professor Annet Aris.

photo natasha cloutier

Lose the attitude and learn Dutch

Lived here for 10 years and still can't speak Dutch? Get off your high horse and stop making excuses, says Canadian national Natasha Cloutier.

photo lesley haskell

No place to hide

The Netherlands has played a leading role in ensuring war criminals don't pass themselves off as refugees, writes Leslie Haskell of Human Rights Watch.

photo Robin Pascoe

Tax cut? What tax cut?

This year's budget was a mishmash of political spin and old news, writes Robin Pascoe.

photo Dutch newspapers

Be grateful and denounce IS?

Why should ordinary Muslims be asked to denounce IS, 'megaphone in hand', asks Nourdine Tighadouini.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Sleepwalking into disaster

The members of the board at housing corporation Vestia were sleeping like babies while Erik Staal squandered billions in public money, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Dutch newspapers

Dangerous derivatives

(Semi)public organisations are dabbling in derivatives and it is storing up trouble for the future, writes Patrick van Gerwen.

photo Dutch newspapers

Wake up and smell the chemicals

Insecticides cause bird populations to drop and poison the water. Meanwhile, the insecticide industry faces no restrictions whatsoever. Politicians need to wake up and smell the chemicals, says Cor Verdaasdonk.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Flexible holidays

Many people would like to work flexible hours. But there are pitfalls, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Dutch newspapers

Huddle around the hubs

People will be congregating in big cities, predicts Zef Hemel.

photo Blogs

Guardian: Black Pete is just a bit of fun for the Netherlands, right? Wrong

'I grew up with negative Dutch stereotypes of black people. Amsterdam is right to phase out ‘blacked-up’ Christmas characters,' writes Samira bin Sharifu in The Guardian.

photo Meindert Fennema

The enemies of our enemies

Young Muslims and Putin defenders are making the same mistake as the pro-Cuba demonstrators and anti-Vietnam war protesters before them. They thought the enemies of our enemies were our friends, writes Meindert Fennema.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Sanctions: who's footing the bill?

Annemarie van Gaal thinks there are other ways of compensating entrepreneurs who are suffering from the sanctions against Russia.

photo Maureen Adams

'Full-time working mothers are still frowned upon'

We put 10 questions to English businesswoman Maureen Adams, who has lived in the Netherlands for 23 years and loves stamppot.

photo Youp van 't Hek

Evil Knevel

Youp lets fly at a religious talkshow host possessed by the devil and an inconsistent mayor. He also explains why he won't be working for a paper with an iffy past.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Mourning and remorse

Russian feeling for their fellow man has been beaten out of them by communism and the Putin regime, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Dutch newspapers

Amsterdam needs a clean-up

The Dutch capital is fast becoming a victim of its own success, warns Wim Pijbes. Quick, get out the mops and buckets and keep it spic and span for tourists - and locals- to enjoy!

photo Peter Verhaar

Can I speak to the Chief Society Officer, please?

Peter Verhaar thinks banks should learn to communicate properly with society.

photo Dutch newspapers

Lack of criticism of Israel may have boomerang effect

'There is an almost collective inability on the part of most Jewish institutions and organisations in the Netherlands to distance themselves from the behaviour of the state of Israel when it is waging another war on false pretences,' writes Jaap Hamburger.            

photo Shirley Agudo

'I eat pea soup all year round when I want comfort food'

We put 10 questions to American photo journalist Shirley Agudo, who has lived in the Netherlands for 15 years.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Go but leave the seat please

Too many times fractious councillors take up their seat and walk. And many councillors are not up to the job. Annemarie van Gaal proposes some changes.

photo Dutch newspapers

Jobs for the boys (and girls)

Ministers should finish their terms in the cabinet and not leg it to Brussels, writes Frans Weisglas.

photo Dutch newspapers

Drones pose threat to society

Apart from whizzing around and potentially coming down on people's heads, drones pose a very real and sinister danger to society, writes Danny Mekic.

photo Rogelio Vargas

'Dutch diaries can be a tool but also an excuse'

We put 10 questions to Spanish businessman Rogelio Vargas who has been in the Netherlands for seven years.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Serial students

People who go from one course of study to another accumulate serious debt.  It's not a great way to start your working life, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Dutch newspapers

Soccer and Ramadan

Oranje helped take footie mad Moroccans’ minds off fasting, writes El Bachir Amenchar.

photo Dutch newspapers

How to disguise racist talk

Racist talk comes in many guises, write Hanneke Felten and Maurits Boote.

photo Farid Tabarki

Christiania in the polder

Let’s drain the Markerwaard and have a free state where people can experiment without being bogged down by rules and regulations, writes Farid Tabarki.

photo Carolyn Vines

'At one point I had three bikes'

We put 10 questions to Carolyn Vines, who has been in the Netherlands for 15 years and likes to be known as a lovepat.

photo Dutch newspapers

Israel's wall a decade on

For ten years the Netherlands and Europe have been looking away from Israel’s illegal wall, writes former Dutch prime minister Andreas van Agt.

photo Géraldine Mattioli-Zeltner

Out of sight should not be out of mind

The Netherlands should carefully monitor what happens to the ICC witnesses deported to the Democratic Republic of Congo, writes Géraldine Mattioli-Zeltner.

photo Dutch newspapers

Royal Real Estate

King Willem-Alexander's dodgy real estate deals are setting a bad example, writes Meindert Fennema.

photo Dutch newspapers

Jihadist threat: 'Government must invest in prevention'

The government isn’t investing enough in prevention programmes to counteract jihadism, writes Bibi van Ginkel.

photo Tony Parr

'I went Dutch when I started walking on the right of the pavement'

We put 10 questions to Tony Parr who learned Dutch at a British university 35 years ago and likes his wife's boerenkoolstamppot.

photo Dutch newspapers

Dutch energy firms play Calimero card

Dutch energy firms will continue to buy coal from Drummond and Prodeco, two mining companies in the Colombian mining region Cesar. The firms stated as much in a reaction to a report published by peace organisation PAX last week, writes Jan Gruiters.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

NS: Off the rails

NS workers should do whatever they can to help NS customers in case of a delay or cancelled train. Instead they are invited to take out an insurance. NS have gone completely off the rails, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Barend van Lieshout

Concern for care avoiders unjustified

Patients are less inclined to see a specialist at the hospital because of the cost. Family doctors are raising the alarm but Barend van Lieshout thinks spiralling costs justify a choice between a new mobile phone and a consultation with the cardiologist.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Regional colleagues

Give the money spent on unemployment to people who can actually do something about it, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Pejman

'The Netherlands has become my second homeland'

We put 10 questions to Pejman Akbarzadeh, who runs the PersianDutch.com website and would spend his last 24 hours in Amsterdam on the Dam.

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