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Opinion, columns, comment and blog links on all things Dutch

photo Rogelio Vargas

'Dutch diaries can be a tool but also an excuse'

We put 10 questions to Spanish businessman Rogelio Vargas who has been in the Netherlands for seven years.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Serial students

People who go from one course of study to another accumulate serious debt.  It's not a great way to start your working life, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Dutch newspapers

Soccer and Ramadan

Oranje helped take footie mad Moroccans’ minds off fasting, writes El Bachir Amenchar.

photo Dutch newspapers

How to disguise racist talk

Racist talk comes in many guises, write Hanneke Felten and Maurits Boote.

photo Farid Tabarki

Christiania in the polder

Let’s drain the Markerwaard and have a free state where people can experiment without being bogged down by rules and regulations, writes Farid Tabarki.

photo Carolyn Vines

'At one point I had three bikes'

We put 10 questions to Carolyn Vines, who has been in the Netherlands for 15 years and likes to be known as a lovepat.

photo Dutch newspapers

Israel's wall a decade on

For ten years the Netherlands and Europe have been looking away from Israel’s illegal wall, writes former Dutch prime minister Andreas van Agt.

photo Géraldine Mattioli-Zeltner

Out of sight should not be out of mind

The Netherlands should carefully monitor what happens to the ICC witnesses deported to the Democratic Republic of Congo, writes Géraldine Mattioli-Zeltner.

photo Dutch newspapers

Royal Real Estate

King Willem-Alexander's dodgy real estate deals are setting a bad example, writes Meindert Fennema.

photo Dutch newspapers

Jihadist threat: 'Government must invest in prevention'

The government isn’t investing enough in prevention programmes to counteract jihadism, writes Bibi van Ginkel.

photo Tony Parr

'I went Dutch when I started walking on the right of the pavement'

We put 10 questions to Tony Parr who learned Dutch at a British university 35 years ago and likes his wife's boerenkoolstamppot.

photo Dutch newspapers

Dutch energy firms play Calimero card

Dutch energy firms will continue to buy coal from Drummond and Prodeco, two mining companies in the Colombian mining region Cesar. The firms stated as much in a reaction to a report published by peace organisation PAX last week, writes Jan Gruiters.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

NS: Off the rails

NS workers should do whatever they can to help NS customers in case of a delay or cancelled train. Instead they are invited to take out an insurance. NS have gone completely off the rails, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Barend van Lieshout

Concern for care avoiders unjustified

Patients are less inclined to see a specialist at the hospital because of the cost. Family doctors are raising the alarm but Barend van Lieshout thinks spiralling costs justify a choice between a new mobile phone and a consultation with the cardiologist.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Regional colleagues

Give the money spent on unemployment to people who can actually do something about it, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Pejman

'The Netherlands has become my second homeland'

We put 10 questions to Pejman Akbarzadeh, who runs the PersianDutch.com website and would spend his last 24 hours in Amsterdam on the Dam.

photo Dutch newspapers

Gassing geese

Gassing geese is cruel and a complete waste of time, writes Marianne Thieme.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Don't say 'Failed', say 'Experienced'

Entrepreneurs who fail should get another chance. After all, a failed entrepreneur is an experienced entrepreneur, says Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Dutch newspapers

Start digging: allotments for pensioners a good idea

Pensioners could do worse than to grow their own food. And people who have not reached the pension age had better start investing in the skills needed to provide for themselves. They will need them, warns Henriëtte Prast.

photo Noah Millman

10 questions: Noah Millman

Canadian Noah Millman teaches at Leiden University and would use his last 24 hours in the Netherlands to visit the Efteling amusement park.

photo Farid Tabarki

Climate: all change!

We are in living in the Anthropocene, the geological period in which human beings are influencing climate development. Soon a simple thing like stepping outside for a breath of fresh air could be a thing of the past, writes Farid Tabarki.  

photo Jan Maarten Slagter

Peeling bulbs - and Piketty

Jan Maarten Slagter learnt something from his first holiday job peeling bulbs.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

No credit cards for Dutch Rail

Easy online booking? Not with Dutch Rail, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Nikko Koulousios

10 questions: Nikos Koulousios

Greek radio producer Nikos Koulousios is surprised by how much the Dutch love their kings and queens.

photo Peter Verhaar

Banks and Bitcoins

Stupid money is on the way out, smart money is on its way, writes Peter Verhaar.

photo Ana McGinley

Sauna secrets

Ana McGinley has just had her first Dutch sauna and is not sure about some of the items on display.

photo Tina Evans

10 questions: Tina Evans

Businesswoman Tina Evans wants to know why you can't get good Dutch bacon in the Netherlands.

photo Robin Pascoe

EU opportunism

Geert Wilders is being extremely opportunistic in his latest ploy for media attention, writes Robin Pascoe.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Up on the roof

Solar power could free tenants from crippling energy bills, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Robin Pascoe

Student spin

Ministers are being extremely creative about selling their plans to scrap student grants, says Robin Pascoe.

photo Peter Leggett

10 questions: Peter Leggett

Peter Leggett likes deep-fried Dutch snacks and Zeeland, but misses the wind in an undulating landscape.

photo Farid Tabarki

On land, on sea and on the internet

The old plan for a European army should be revived but on a modern footing, writes Farid Tabarki.

photo Malgorzata Bos-Karczewska

10 questions: Malgorzata Bos-Karczewska

Malgorzata Bos-Karczewska is fascinated by the Delta Works and feels more Dutch than Polish at times.

photo Dutch newspapers

NRC: Has Wilders lost his mojo?

These European elections in the Netherlands were supposed to prove three things, writes Emilie van Outeren in the NRC.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Divorce your debt

The mortgage guarantee scheme is open to abuse. You could divorce your debt, says Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Antonia Raileanu

10 questions: Antonia Raileanu

Student and Romanian national Antonia Raileanu loves fish, would like to visit the Apenheul and is a candidate in Thursday's local elections.

photo Farid Tabarki

CEOs unite!

Now that the socialists have given up on solidarity it's up to businesses to promote the blessings of the European Union, says Farid Tabarki.

photo Blogs

Home births: Let Pregnant Women Decide

Childbirth should be treated respectfully and women should have a choice, writes Amanda van Mulligen.

photo Dutch newspapers

Home births: let the gynaecologist decide

Midwives are not competent enough to assess the risks surrounding childbirth. Let gynaecologists decide, write Kenneth Watson and Rob Kottenhagen.

photo Vicky Hampton

10 questions: Vicky Hampton

British Amsterdammer Vicky Hampton loves Osseworst and is definitely not an expat.

photo Farid Tabarki

The new banking

I remember old-fashioned banking when clients walked in and were given money on trust, writes Farid Tabarki.  

photo Dutch newspapers

Stop city council bike theft

Amsterdam's policy of removing 'wrongly parked bikes' is organised theft, says Ab Gietelink.

photo Robin Pascoe

An abuse of freedom?

The court decision to ban a pro-paedophile foundation is nothing to do with freedom of speech, writes Robin Pascoe.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

The future belongs to the self-employed

Zzp’er or piece worker, the future belongs to the self-employed, writes Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Dutch newspapers

Teeven must keep promise to asylum seekers

It has been a year since junior justice minister Fred Teeven vowed he would do something about the conditions for asylum seekers. Nothing much has been happening since, write Dorine Manson and Eduard Nazarki.

photo Greg Shapiro

D66 and comedy

D66 is a terrible name for a political party, says Greg Shapiro, who ran as a candidate for the party in the recent local elections.

photo Farid Tabarki

Participate if you can

Rutte's participation society is all well and good but are institutions ready for it? asks Farid Tabarki.

photo Sharyn Ees-Cooper

10 questions: Sharyn van Ees-Cooper

Sharyn van Ees-Cooper has been in the Netherlands for 10 years and would like to take a balloon trip over the Betuwe region.

photo Dutch newspapers

Financial independence for women does not equal influence

Women may be on the way to become financially independent but the top jobs could still elude them, writes Ester de Bruine.

photo Dutch newspapers

Paradise for thieves and dictators

Why does the Netherlands make it possible for dubious mining companies, tax dodgers, dictators and arms dealers to hide their identity? ask Roos van Os and Indra Römgens.

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