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Opinion, columns, comment and blog links on all things Dutch

photo Dutch newspapers

Teeven must keep promise to asylum seekers

It has been a year since junior justice minister Fred Teeven vowed he would do something about the conditions for asylum seekers. Nothing much has been happening since, write Dorine Manson and Eduard Nazarki.

photo Greg Shapiro

D66 and comedy

D66 is a terrible name for a political party, says Greg Shapiro, who ran as a candidate for the party in the recent local elections.

photo Farid Tabarki

Participate if you can

Rutte's participation society is all well and good but are institutions ready for it? asks Farid Tabarki.

photo Sharyn Ees-Cooper

10 questions: Sharyn van Ees-Cooper

Sharyn van Ees-Cooper has been in the Netherlands for 10 years and would like to take a balloon trip over the Betuwe region.

photo Dutch newspapers

Financial independence for women does not equal influence

Women may be on the way to become financially independent but the top jobs could still elude them, writes Ester de Bruine.

photo Dutch newspapers

Paradise for thieves and dictators

Why does the Netherlands make it possible for dubious mining companies, tax dodgers, dictators and arms dealers to hide their identity? ask Roos van Os and Indra Römgens.

photo Deborah Valentine

10 questions: Deborah Valentine

Access director and Canadian national Deborah Valentine still has not visited the new Rijksmuseum and is very partial to Indonesian food.

photo Dutch newspapers

How to leave Wilders empty-handed

The cabinet must show people it cares about what worries them, writes Ton Planken.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Migrating entrepreneurs

If you can’t beat them, join them: entrepreneurs near the border with Germany are suffering because taxes there are lower and the Dutch like a bargain. The government should help them to set up shop across the border, writes Annemarie van Gaal.  

photo Farid Tabarki

Rutte serves up (and cuts up) Dutch culture

Prime minister Mark Rutte was showing off Dutch art at the nuclear summit. But why is he killing it off at the same time? asks Farid Tabarki.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Banking staff should be clients too

Klaas Knot has a (very nice) mortgage with his own bank. But shouldn't he shop around and see what it's like for ordinary people, asks Annemarie van Gaal.

photo Greg Shapiro

Hamburgers in Delft?

Don't mess with Mother Nature - especially in Delft, says Greg Shapiro

photo Peter Verhaar

Keep it local

Keeping it local makes more sense, both politically and financially, writes Peter Verhaar.

photo Dutch newspapers

How bad is Mark Rutte's English?

Prime minister Mark Rutte has been criticised in the Dutch media for his spoken English since he welcomed Barack Obama to Amsterdam on Monday.

photo Alexander Pechtold

Don't allow Wilders to play the victim

The fact that Wilders again crossed a moral line doesn’t mean politicians should cross a democratic line, says D66 leader Alexander Pechtold.

photo Charlotte Bellamy

10 questions: Charlotte Bellamy

English woman Charlotte Bellamy has two bikes, a penchant for Dutch apple pie and misses fish and chips.

photo Robin Pascoe

Are we now allowed to call Wilders a racist?

With his latest anti-Moroccan outburst, Geert Wilders may have blown his chances in the European elections, writes Robin Pascoe.

photo Farid Tabarki

In Rotterdam we speak cosmopolitan

In Rotterdam we speak cosmopolitan, no matter what the VVD says, writes Farid Tabarki.

photo Robin Pascoe

If you've got a vote, use it

Internationals in the Netherlands should take advantage of their democratic right to vote, writes DutchNews.nl editor Robin Pascoe.

photo Greg Shapiro

Want to Punish Putin? Turn Down Your Heat

Comedian Greg Shapiro is attempting to go green and give Putin what for at the same time.

photo Dutch newspapers

Wilders twitters no more on gay issues

Geert Wilders adopts a cause but drops it just as easily if it doesn't sit well with his fight against Islam and Europe, writes Jan-Jaap de Ruiter.

photo Dutch newspapers

ING can flog my data.. at a price

A bit of Google may very well restore ING’s flagging fortunes. The excitement over ING’s plans to use customer data for advertising purposes is a little over the top, writes Errol Keyner.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Give women a (tax) break

Work and the demands of the participation society don’t sit well together, so why not give women who work full-time a tax break so they can buy the help they need.

photo Aisling Casey

10 Questions: Aisling Casey

Aisling Casey is one of the organisers of the St Patrick's Eve celebration of Irish music in Amsterdam on March 16.

photo Dutch newspapers

Local elections: To govern is to postpone

Entrepreneurs hope Amsterdam city council will show some innovative leadership and stop postponing important decisions, says Koos Weits.

photo Charlene Lambert

Equality issues

You’ve come a long way, baby! So do we still need International Women's Day on March 8? asks Charlene Lambert.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Fines and compliments

Welcome to Dutch Rail where failing administrators are given top jobs and golden goodbyes. Annemarie van Gaal has a rail about Dutch Rail.

photo Ben Silburn

10 Questions: Ben Silburn

10 Questions is a new DutchNews.nl feature in which we ask our international readers about their lives in the Netherlands.

photo Youp van 't Hek


Youp gets hot flushes from an encounter with a menopausal woman this week. Oh, and he has a book out.

photo Dutch newspapers

Jewish integration example for Muslims

Could the way the Jewish population integrated into Dutch society be an example for Muslims asks Jan-Jaap de Ruiter.

photo Dutch newspapers

Book store Polare's Lesson: A Call for a New Renaissance

‘Polare is the quintessential canary in the coal mine, which signals again and again that this is not just about the collapse of a leading book store chain. This is about the future of Dutch city centres, about a knowledge economy and about the quality of Dutch culture,’ writes publisher Alexander M. Dake.  

photo Dutch newspapers

Why Willem-Alexander and Máxima should go

Joost Smiers doesn’t think much of the moral fibre of the royals and thinks they should go.

photo Robin Pascoe

High jinks and low lifes

Is stealing school exam papers a worse crime than fixing interest rates? asks Robin Pascoe.

photo Dutch newspapers

Gender parity: The women are doing ok but the men are doing better

The Netherlands tops the list when it comes to gender equality. Tanja van der Lippe and Joop Schippers beg to differ.

photo Lucie Cunningham

Ten questions to Lucie Cunningham, local council candidate

This is a series in which DutchNews.nl finds out more about its international readership. Today's target is Lucie Cunningham, a French national, expert on Delft and pea soup devotee.

photo Robin Pascoe

Not a labour of love

The international community in the Netherlands should be taken seriously as a voting force, writes Robin Pascoe.

photo Dutch newspapers


The Netherlands would be in a lot of trouble if it took the PVV's advice and left the EU, writes Lex Hoogduin.

photo Christo Nel

Ten questions to Christo Nel, Nyenrode programme director

This is the second in a new series in which DutchNews.nl finds out more about its international readership. Second up is Christo Nel, a fan of beer and bitterballen and resident of Breukelen.

photo Neelie Kroes

Sport and politics

Sport and politics make a very good pair, says Neelie Kroes.

photo Garry Piggott

Known unknowns?

There are a lot of unanswered questions about who knew what and when about the latest Dutch surveillance scandal, writes Garry Piggott.

photo Dutch newspapers

The Netherlands needs to kick the gas-guzzling habit

The Netherlands is running out of gas but the government doesn't seem too concerned, writes Jan Rotmans.

photo Peter Verhaar

Proprietary trading

Peter Verhaar challenges the banks to make IBAN easier and is pessimistic about European bank reform.

photo Stephanie Ward

Ten questions to Stephanie Ward, marketing coach

This is the first in a new series in which DutchNews.nl finds out more about its international readership. First up is Stephanie Ward, fervent Twitter user and resident of Apeldoorn.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

Pride, gay and otherwise

Annemarie van Gaal thinks the Dutch delegation should hit the Russian where it hurts: in their pride.

photo Arend van den Berg

Help the economy: legalise marijuana

The Netherlands is no longer at the forefront of cannabis legislation. It’s time to change tack, writes Arend van den Berg.

photo Jan Maarten Slagter

Risky bid

Jan Maarten Slagter looks at Global Liberty's bid for Ziggo. Where are the venture capitalists, he asks.

photo Neelie Kroes

Start me up

Make it easier for young people to start a business, says Neelie Kroes.

photo Nikko Koulousios

What freedom of movement?

The economic crisis means freedom of movement within the EU has turned into an inescapable necessity for many, says Nikos Koulousios.  

photo Dutch newspapers

Is Rutte committed to a sustainable society?

The European economy would benefit from a fast-track transition to a truly sustainable society, say Louise van Schaik and Kiki Norbruis.

photo Annemarie van Gaal

The job or the money

Are you committed to your job or are you just after the money? asks Annemarie van Gaal.

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