A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

Land of the Giants: Dutch Tower over Americans

When you think tall, you probably think America. Tallest buildings. Tallest athletes. Tallest population. But no longer. Today, to find the world's tallest people, you have to look beyond the windmills, wooden shoes, and wheels of cheese … to tiny Holland. (more…)  More >

US filmmakers silent on Dutch director’s death

It is a particularly hateful comment on the state of American cinema that one of the most egregious examples of Islamofacism since the unspeakable events of 9-11 has gone virtually unacknowledged by the filmmaking community. (more…)  More >

US heirs to Nazi-looted art sell four paintings to Dutch state

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: The US heirs to a major collection of art looted by the Nazis and finally returned last year after years of legal wrangling have sold four paintings back to the Dutch government for €3 million (US$4 million) and donated a fifth work as thanks. (more…)  More >

Little fish in a ‘multiculti’ pond

One of the new words added to the latest edition of the Dutch dictionary is "multiculti" - short for multicultural. It's a term which can aptly be applied to the neighbourhood in Amsterdam where I've lived for the past twelve years. (more…)  More >

Dutch pioneer floating eco-homes

Small and densely populated, the Netherlands is one of the countries most at risk from climate change and rising sea levels. But in one village in the south of the country, they are trying out a new way of living with an increased risk of floods. (more…)  More >

The Dutch have had their moments, but probably not this time

The Dutch cricketers have a special place in South African cricketing lore, but not a particularly nice one. If you ask any players who represented SA in the early ’90s about the Netherlands, one black day will spring to mind — September 5 1994. (more…)  More >

The Money Maker

Robert Deodaat Emile Oxenaar – or Ootje as he’s known – is, at 76, still teaching in the graphic design department of the Rhode Island School of Design. (more…)  More >

Dutch Holocaust survivor to become U.S. citizen

The questions could have stopped her quest for citizenship cold. "Have you ever tried to topple the government of another country?" Answer: "Yes." "Have you ever been in prison?" Answer: "Yes." (more…)  More >

The Prince’s crazy dream

Prince Claus, the Dutch Queen's late consort, had what some would call a crazy idea. Right up until his death in 2002, he dreamed of creating an opera in the Sahel; the band of African countries along the southern Sahara stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. (more…)  More >

Otto Frank’s hunt for a visa

About a year before Anne Frank began her diary in June 1942, her father started a writing project of his own. (more…)  More >

Dutch Trafigura Settles Toxic Waste Case

A Dutch-based oil trading company paid $197 million to secure the release of three executives from an Ivory Coast prison and settle claims that it dumped toxic waste that killed at least 10 people in the West African nation (more…)  More >