MH17 wreckage collected, Ukraine crash site now cleared

MH17 wreckage collected, Ukraine crash site now cleared

Rescue workers have completed their mission to salvage the major parts of Malaysian Airways flight MH17, brought down in eastern Ukraine in July by a missile. The Dutch-led team has collected 650 cubic metres of wreckage, plus human remains and personal possessions during their work at the site of the crash. This will now be brought to the Netherlands for investigation, although how this will happen...  More >

Blood firm Sanquin taking risks in US

Dutch blood company Sanquin ‘taking too many risks with US adventure’ Dutch blood company Sanquin is taking great risks with its efforts to move into the American market, the Volkskrant said in a major investigation at the weekend. Sanquin is a privately held foundation which has a monopoly on blood supplies in the Netherlands and which hopes to process blood for the US market as part of its international expansion. However, it has run into trouble getting approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, the paper said. FDA inspectors have recently been in the Netherlands to check out the company's operations. Two previous visit resulted in reprimands for the Dutch company and a third official warning will have major implications because of the US policy of 'three strikes and you are out', the Volkskrant said. Sanquin is responsible for collecting blood from donors in the Netherlands and supplying blood products to hospitals. The company hit the headlines earlier because of the large pay packets and bonuses it paid to some board members. There...  More >

Government acts on bird flu

Government acts on bird flu, divides country into four regions The national ban on moving poultry, eggs and manure because of the outbreak of avian flu ended on Sunday when the government announced it is dividing the country up into four poultry farming regions. The aim of this approach is to prevent contact between the two areas where avian flu has been identified so far, junior economic affairs minister Sharon Dijksma said on Sunday. In addition, vehicles may only access one farm at a time, after which they will have to be disinfected. The transport of poultry manure remains banned. All free range chickens and other birds must be confined to cages, hunting has been banned and all bird and poultry shows have been cancelled, Dijksma said. So far four cases of bird flu have been identified in the Netherlands, the first a week ago. A duck farm in Barneveld, in the heart of the Dutch poultry industry, was give the all clear on Saturday. Poultry and egg production is a major industry in the Netherlands. Every year over half a billion chickens...  More >

Archaeologists find treasure in The Hague

Archaeologists find treasure trove in Roman pot during roadworks near The Hague Archaeologists have discovered a hoard of silver coins, bracelets and a brooch in a Roman pot during road works in The Hague. The pot was found during excavations for a new connection between Ypenburg and The Hague's ring road and close to the site where remains of a Roman villa were found earlier. Over the centuries, the treasure had solidified into a single mass but experts were able to separate it to reveal coins from the time of Nero, Marcus Aurelius and Otho - who only reigned for three months in AD 69. The treasure is on show from Tuesday at the The Hague's town hall.  More >

No conviction for Mein Kampf sale

No conviction for Amsterdam shop owner who sold Mein Kampf An Amsterdam shopkeeper who sold several antique copies of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, has been let go by judges in Amsterdam without a conviction. The public prosecution department had said Michiel van Eyck should be fined €1,000 for selling the book. Although owning the book is legal in the Netherlands, it is not legal to sell it. The court said the book does still contain comments insulting to Jews and incites hatred, discrimination and anti-Jewish violence. It should therefore remain illegal to sell copies. Van Eyck, represented by lawyer Gerard Spong, says the ban has been overtaken by events and anyone can download a copy or buy one via internet. In addition, he only sold the book to collectors and historians, website reported. Partly based on this development, the court said a conviction would be going too far and is not necessary in order to protect Jews against discrimination and hatred. History The Totalitarian Art Gallery had three copies of the book...  More >