Would-be jihadis without passports are also a threat: counter terrorism chief

Young, radicalised Muslims who are being prevented from leaving the Netherlands to fight with militias in Syria are forming an increasing domestic threat, counter terrorism chief Dick Schoof has told broadcaster Nos. ‘We are not only worried about people coming back [from Syria and Iraq],’ he said. ‘It is also about people who are frustrated or inspired and start following violent extremism.’ The...  More >

Dutch households produce less rubbish

Dutch households produce less rubbish The amount of domestic waste per Dutch person fell last year to 9.5 kilos a week. That is almost 500 grammes less a week than in 2012, the  national statistics office CBS said on Monday. The amount of domestic waste produced in the Netherlands has been falling steadily since 2008, news agency ANP reports. People in Zeeland produce the most rubbish - 13.3 kilos a week per person. In Overijssel they throw away just under nine kilos of waste a week. At a local council level, the Wadden Sea island of Vlieland produces more waste than any other part of the country - 24.4 kilos per resident per week. This is largely due to its high tourist population, the CBS said.  More >

Strong winds delay Schiphol flights

Strong winds delay holiday flights at Schiphol airport Strong winds over the west of the Netherlands delayed holiday flights to and from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport on Monday and some flights were cancelled altogether. An airport spokesman told news agency ANP the west to south-westerly wind makes it difficult for aircraft to take off and land. It is not clear how many flights have been affected. Strong winds have been buffeting the Netherlands for several days and the KNMI weather bureau issued a code yellow weather warning for the west of the country on Monday. Little change is expected for the next few days. The KNMI says temperatures are an unseasonal 10 Celsius at the moment but are likely to fall to around 5 Celsius on December 25 and at the weekend.  More >

Dutch start-ups raised over €62m this year

Dutch start-ups raised at least €62m from private equity and investors this year Dutch start-ups raised at least €62m from private equity companies and investors this year, according to research by the NRC. The bulk of the investment – 62% - came from Dutch investors but US and British groups have also been heavily investing in new Dutch firms, the paper says. For example, Dutch internet company Peerby, which helps users borrow items from their neighbours, said in October it had raised €1.7m from French investment house Xange, American incubator Techstars and publisher Sanoma, which first invested in the company two years ago. Peerby, which began life under the Rockstart start-up accelerator scheme, plans to use the money to roll out its ideas in the US and hopes to have communities in 50 cities before the end of next year. The NRC looked at 62 start-ups but admits its research is not exhaustive and that investments are often kept secret. Definition It defined a start-up as a company which was launched in 2010 or later and is based in the Netherlands....  More >

Community service for pro-animal activists

Would-be jihadis without passports are also a threat: counter terrorism chief Five animal rights activists have been given 50 hours community service and one month's suspended in jail for taking six beagle dogs from kennels in Noord Brabant. The dogs were destined to be used by MSD Intervet, which produces medicines for animals. The five, three men and two women ranging in age from 36 to 51, were found guilty by a court in Den Bosch of stealing the dogs. The court said the five's claim that they acted in an emergency situation was not justified. Their statements showed the aim of stealing the dogs was to attract publicity and stimulate public debate about animal testing, the court said. They had also organised a television crew to film their actions. However, they could also have attracted publicity through legal means, the court said.  More >