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The talks on spending cuts are continuing after all. A good thing?
Yes, there is no time to waste
No, we need new elections now
Yes, this is the best coalition for the country
No, it's only a question of time before the coalition falls apart
Don't know
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27-01-2013 Do you support a total ban on smoking in bars?
17-01-2013 Would you take a pay cut to save your job?
01-01-2013 What's your New Year resolution?
21-11-2012 Should the legal age to buy tobacco be raised to 18?
13-11-2012 How do you rate new new coalition now?
29-10-2012 What do you think about the Liberal Labour coalition?
28-09-2012 Seven out of 10 Dutch people are pessimistic about the future. What are your thoughts?
13-09-2012 Which coalition would you like to see?
02-09-2012 How will you vote (if you could) in the general election?
21-08-2012 Where should the next government cut first?
16-08-2012 Should the next government focus on meeting EU budget deficit rules?
26-06-2012 Should non-Dutch nationals have to right to vote in the Dutch general election?
09-06-2012 Which team will win Euro 2012?
03-06-2012 How will you vote (if you could) in the general election?
08-05-2012 The word 'allochtoon' is under fire again. How do you describe yourself?
21-04-2012 The austerity talks have collapsed. What do you think?
29-03-2012 The talks on spending cuts are continuing after all. A good thing?
14-03-2012 Should people be stopped from having dual nationality?
10-02-2012 Should the prime minister distance himself from the PVV's anti-Pole website?
06-02-2012 How are you enjoying the wintry weather?
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