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Should the official retirement age be increased?
Yes, we live longer so can work longer
Yes, it is an economic necessity
No, we should stop early retirement instead
No, 65-year-olds have worked long enough
Bring in more flexibility instead
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29-03-2012 The talks on spending cuts are continuing after all. A good thing?
14-03-2012 Should people be stopped from having dual nationality?
10-02-2012 Should the prime minister distance himself from the PVV's anti-Pole website?
06-02-2012 How are you enjoying the wintry weather?
31-12-2011 What's your New Year resolution?
26-12-2011 Which of these events is most likely to happen in 2012?
18-12-2011 Who gets your vote as Dutch politician of the year?
13-12-2011 If you were finance minister, what is the first thing you would do to boost the economy?
07-12-2011 Dutch expats miss herring. What will you miss most if and when you leave the Netherlands?
05-12-2011 After the weekend's football violence, police chiefs want a ban on away supporters at risky matches
14-10-2011 Mark Rutte's cabinet is one year old. How do you rate its performance?
14-10-2011 The Rutte cabinet is one year old. How do you rate its performance?
22-09-2011 Are Geert Wilders' outbursts damaging the reputation of the Netherlands abroad?
01-09-2011 Should the monarchy be reformed?
28-06-2011 Is the Netherlands becoming more foreigner-unfriendly?
23-06-2011 The Wilders' trial was
10-06-2011 The pension reform plan agreed by unions and employers is
08-06-2011 Should civil servants be able to refuse to carry out same sex marriages on religious grounds?
28-05-2011 Is the government right to make coffee shops members-only clubs?
19-05-2011 Should the Netherlands help bail out Greece again?
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