‘Zuidas link to Russian missile maker likely behind MH17 crash’

The maker of the missile which probably brought down Malaysian Airways flight MH17, killing 298 people, is based in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district, according to investigators at business website 925.nl.

Russian arms and technology company Rostec has a string of limited companies (bvs) based at Jachthavenweg 130, the website states.

If, as is likely, the plane was brought down by a missile, it will have been produced by one of Rostec’s companiss, 925.nl claims. Russia has combined all its smaller weapons makers, such as MiG, into a company known as Rosoboronexport. This is 100% owned by Rostec, 925.nl says.

Rostec director Sergey Chemezov is based in the Zuidas business district, which allows the company to take advantage of Dutch tax breaks on participations. ‘This is how we are helping Rostec pay less tax on its profits’, the website says.

Sergei Chemezov has been blacklisted by the US since earlier this year and Rostec was added to the list last week.