OSCE officials in new attempt to reach MH17 crash site

A convoy of cars carrying OSCE experts will again try and reach the site of the crash of Malaysia Airways flight MH17 in Ukraine on Thursday, after turning back on four successive days because of fighting.

The group, which includes three cars containing Dutch experts, is trying to find an alternative route to the area, in which pro-Russia rebels are fighting Ukrainian forces.

Swiss OSCE negotiator Alexander Hug told news agency ANP the situation surrounding a ceasefire at the crash site is extremely complex. ‘If one person starts shooting, they all do,’ he said.

In total, 298 people died when the Boeing 777 was brought down, apparently by a missile, two weeks ago. Of them, 195 were Dutch. So far 227 bodies have been found and taken back to the Netherlands for identification.

The Dutch government has said repatriating the dead is its main priority.