Greenpeace staffers call for resignations over director’s travel

More than 40 people working for Amsterdam-based environmental organisation Greenpeace have called for programme director Pascal Husting to be sacked over his travel arrangements, the Volkskrant says on Wednesday.

The paper says staff at Greenpeace Nederland are still unhappy about the deal made beween Husting and director Kumi Naidoo which allowed him to fly between his home in Luxemburg and Amsterdam.

The workers have written to Naidoo asking him to consider his position, saying the duo have seriously damaged the organisation’s reputation, the Volkskrant reports.

Climate change

Last month it emerged Husting had made the trip by plane for two years, which is against the charity’s policy. Greenpeace says flying generates large volumes of CO2 and is one of the major agents of climate change.

Husting is unwilling to move to Amsterdam because he moved twice in two years with his young family while director of Greenpeace France.

Since the issue became public, he has taken the train.