Hourly rates fell 6% last year, survey of nearly 200,000 workers shows

Wages in the Netherlands dropped by 6% last year, as hourly rates fell, according to the latest Wage Index compiled by salary check foundation Stichting Loonwijzer and jobs website Monsterboard.

The organisations calculated the average hourly wage of 185,000 people and found this had fallen from €15.50 in 2012 to €14.60 last year.

People working in the IT and financial sectors were particularly hard hit. Average IT hourly rates fell by 8.5% while financial sector pay was down 7.9%. Farm worker pay was also down by 6.6%.


Pay rates were most stable in hotel, catering and tourism, with just a 1% drop. However, the average pay rate in the hospitality industry remains the lowest, at €10.40 per hour.

Education and manufacturing have the highest hourly pay salary – €17.30.

Just under half the workers polled for the survey expect a pay rise this year, although 65% of IT staff expected to earn more.