Princess Beatrix moves into new home

Princess Beatrix, the former Dutch queen, moved into her new home on Tuesday, a year after abdicating.

Beatrix, who abdicated in favour of her oldest son Willem-Alexander a year ago, has moved into the refurbished Drakensteyn castle estate in Lage Vuursche.

She also registered as living in the council area of Baarn, under which Lage Vuursche falls. The local mayor attended her signing in.

Beatrix lived at Drakensteyn between 1963 and 1981 while her three sons were growing up. She moved to Huis ten Bosch in The Hague shortly after she became queen.

The grave of her second son Friso, who was in a coma after being hit by an avalanche while skiing in 2012 and died last August, lies in a churchyward bordering to Drakensteyn.