The Netherlands’ official highest point is in the wrong place

The post marking the highest point in the Netherlands, the 322-metre high Vaalserberg (Mount Vaals) in Limburg, is in the wrong place, the state forestry commission says.

The spot, which is also the location of the three-country point between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, should be 60 metres further south, according to forestry commission.

The mistake was discovered when the marker at the three-country point was compared with the most recent digital height map of the Netherlands.

‘When we stood there and looked around, we found that a point further south seemed to be higher,’ Guus Verhorst of forestry commission told the Dutch press.

Where exactly the new highest point is is not yet known. It still has to be digitally measured and confirmed. Permission to move the marker must also be requested from organisations such as the land registry office.

Digital measuring has also shown that the two three-country markers need to be moved 30 metres.