Second Dutch youth dies in Syria

A second Dutch-Moroccan man has died fighting with rebel forces in Syria, Nos television said on Thursday.

The victim is said to be a 20-year-old from Delft or Rotterdam named Sofian, the broadcaster said.

On Wednesday it emerged another young jihadist from Delft had died last week.

The Dutch counter terrorism unit said earlier around 100 jihadists had left the Netherlands for Syria and other countries in recent months. The increased radicalisation of young Dutch Muslims is reason to raise the risk of attack from limited to substantial, the NCTV said.

The chairman of the Dutch multicultural think-tank Forum told the broadcaster it is not a surprise that Dutch young men are being killed. ‘There are a lot of youths who have a romantic idea about fighting in Syria. But in reality they are cannon fodder,’ Sadik Harchaoui said.