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PostNL back pedals on plans to sack thousands of delivery workers

Monday 25 February 2013

Dutch postal company PostNL has revised its plans to replace 10,000 postal delivery workers by freelancers, saying it wants to use the experience of its permanent staff.

In a statement on Monday, PostNL chief executive Herna Verhagen said: 'The personnel migration towards a part-time organisation will be done in a more phased manner and we will better balance the mix between experienced and new employees.'

The company had planned to cut the number of permanent delivery workers by 2,800, but this will now be a maximum of 650.

Last summer the company halted plans to shift sorting post to just nine locations nationwide after experiments ran into trouble. Instead, the 260 sorting offices will be reduced to 125.

PostNL has also been in the headlines after it emerged 300 delivery workers were sacked last year for failing to deliver post, either by dumping or stealing it.

PostNL's turnover rose slighly to €4.3bn last year, while net profit reached €678m. Operating profit was €291m, slightly down on 2011, as the volume of addressed post fell 9%.

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Readers' Comments

I think the postal company's are not treating our post with the respect it deserves. What checks are carried out on part time employees prior to trusting them with delivering valuable goods? I get post delivered by up to 3 different people in one day so can be left waiting for a letter but not knowing who to address when it doesn't arrive.....

By Taxedtothemaxxxx | 25 February 2013 11:36 AM

Tax companies based on the number of permanent staff they employed. The higher the number of permanent staff they employed, the lower the company tax rate. Jobs are important.

By ufo | 25 February 2013 2:59 PM

The Dutch postal service is a mess. Too many anonymous service delivery providers with too many casual part-timers so where's the accountability and who do I complain to when items go missing? The government (too many come and go to recall which one it was) pursued a privatization policy to increase competition and give 'customers' a choice. The legacy is a cut-throat couldn't care less service and customer confusion about 'who's in charge'. And no one, least of all Post NL, gives a toss.

By BolshieBourgeoisie | 28 February 2013 10:25 PM

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