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No Sunday opening for Tilburg retail after small shops go to court

Tuesday 05 February 2013

Sunday shopping is to become a thing of the past in Tilburg after some 150 small shopkeepers took legal action against the big retail chains.

The company court ruled on Tuesday Tilburg does not have enough attractions to count as a tourist centre and city centre shops should therefore be restricted to 12 Sunday openings a year.

The case was brought by a collective of some 150 independent retailers, who say small shops are being forced to open on Sundays or lose business.


Under current laws, only shops in towns which are considered tourist centres are allowed to open every Sunday. New rules, which will allow local councils to decide whether or not to allow shopping seven days a week, are currently being handled in parliament.

'Apart from the annual Tilburg fun fair, there is nothing more than the standard cultural provisions in Tilburg,' the ruling stated.

A spokesman for the small shopkeepers told news agency ANP the ruling vindicated their position.

'This is further evidence that decisions about Sunday shopping should not be left to local councils which lean towards the interests of the big retailers and supermarket groups,' Henry Konijn is quoted as saying.

Other similar cases are pending in Bergen op Zoom, Almere, Lelystad and Wageningen, ANP said.

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Readers' Comments

and so my right to spend my money when and where I want to is infringed.

Meh, can't see any interesting reason to go to Tilburg anyway.

By H. | 5 February 2013 5:10 PM

This is outrageous. What about people that are from Tilburg themselves? Should they be forced to adjust their schedules and have less freedom to buy whenever they want, whatever they want with their own money?

What is next? Reduce opening hours because family business can't be open till late or kids of small shop owners will lose family time???

Give us a break. Let shops that don't make particularly much noise open at any time they want.

By A.L. | 5 February 2013 5:10 PM

This is great news, Sunday shopping is morally wrong, it should be a day of rest.

(Sorry for lying ;) )

By The visitor | 5 February 2013 7:52 PM

If Sunday shopping were only in the "interests of the big retailers and supermarket groups," then there would be no one shopping in stores on Sundays. The shops would all be empty. All the shoppers would stay home.

The fact is that regular people are interested in shopping on Sunday. In these modern times when people aren't as religious, they want to do something other than go to church on Sunday.

By Chris V | 5 February 2013 7:53 PM

In a market economy every shop owner should be free to decide about the time they want to open, as long as it does not create nuisance to the community in the neighborhood. Any tourist, religious, etc arguments against that are nonsense to me.

By George | 6 February 2013 7:07 AM

Should this not be left to consumers to decide? I bet everyone living in Tilburg would vote to keep shops open! What a stupid law. I guess that means the only shops to be open will be in Amsterdam?

By M | 6 February 2013 8:47 AM

In general I am against such restrictions, but there might be one good side-effect of that: lower prices. If all stores will close on Sundays, they won't pay wages for this extra day. The consumption will not decrease, but it will be distributed over less days and be more intensive.

By Jakub | 6 February 2013 9:40 AM

As far as I am aware, nobody is forcing retailers to be open on Sunday. Clearly if shops feel they will lose business to retailers that are open on Sunday, they know that Sunday opening is what their customers want. Why are shops any different to any other business, i.e., restaurants, bars, petrol stations, etc.? They are already losing business to the internet on Sunday, so it's their call if they want to stick their heads in the sand or do something to stay competitive. This should not be a legal action but a business decision.

By Quest | 6 February 2013 10:35 AM

My bet is that the majority of those 150 small shops will be out of business anyhow in a year or so.
Probably they open only mon-fri from 9 to 17 (or 18 rarely) and on sat they close at 16.
If those shop owners do not feel like offering a service and earn money, they should consider some other job.
I frankly shop when I can (=when I am not working) and I am limited to go to the shops which are open. All the others can bankrupt and I will not have any regret.

By joanna | 6 February 2013 11:16 AM

Ludicrous and backwards, and forcing outdated morals down everyone's throats. Who says the "day of rest" or "family day" or whatever HAS to be a Sunday? What about those of us who like to relax on a Saturday after a long week then hit the shops for a browse on Sunday? What about all those who don't have families who would kill for those extra working hours or part time positions in this time of financial hardship? Just moronic.

By bobbianderson | 6 February 2013 2:56 PM

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