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More people fined for speeding over a stretch of road

Thursday 28 February 2013

The number of people caught driving too fast in speed traps – in which the speed is calculated over a stretch of road – doubled in 2012 compared with the year earlier, according to justice ministry figures.

In total, 1.4 million were fined for speeding over a distance, many of whom which were caught in speed traps on the A2 motorway between Holendrecht and Maarssen and on the A12 near Utrecht.

In total Dutch road users gathered 9.6 million fines for speeding, driving through red lights, wrong parking, driving while on the phone or not having bike lights. This is down slightly on the 2011 total.

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Readers' Comments

I recently experienced a new twist to the delivery by the A2 'cash cow'. I received a letter informing me that my fine had been increased because I had failed to pay the first before their deadline. The only problem being that the first one was never delivered. I pointed this out to them by letter and paid the first one; they aren't replying to the letter.
That particular 5 lane stretch of the A2 is particularly dangerous for drivers in that they have a reduced speed limit of 100 kph:result is three lanes of cars traveling at 95-100kph with 1-1.5 car lengths between. Safer to speed but costlier...

By James Fulkerson | 28 February 2013 2:23 PM

James, had exactly the same problem between 2008 & 2010. Even had a ticket issued for speeding on A44 Katwijk (20Km away!) when my car was parked in Den Haag .. ...and even better.. ..I was being issued a receipt in AH at precisely the same minute!!! I received a letter informing me that the fine had been increased because I had failed to pay the first before their deadline. The only problem being that the first one was never delivered. I wrote to them by letter and paid the fine - even photographed the process and the nice woman @ Rabo who helped me with it! No reply - just an extra fine for not paying the fine!!!!

By Gerard | 28 February 2013 6:43 PM

Included in the first letter are the instructions for objecting to the fine and stating that there is a ~6 week time limit that conveniently expires before the 2nd letter is sent. Also included are instructions for viewing the corresponding photo on line.

The system for issuing the fines is automatic, with OCR of the registration plate. This quite often gets it wrong, so it is strongly advised to always check.

If you haven't received the 1st letter, call them anyway to register an objection. If the photo shows the error, then they can rescind the letter and re-issue it to the correct traffic miscreant.

By H. | 1 March 2013 12:23 PM

The call centre people don't have the power to rescind the fine, only the police can do that. However, they have been known to go out of their way to help correct the action, including giving you the exact text required to be sent in a letter to the police, and in some cases the direct phone number of the police department that can help.

But be polite and courteous if you want the extra help.

By H. | 1 March 2013 12:25 PM

I strongly advise everyone who drives on any of the above mentioned free-ways to invest in a TomTom and to subscribe to the speed-camera service. For the past four years I've been driving three days a week to my office -- Amsterdam to Rotterdam -- and have not had a ticket. Well worth the 30 Euro yearly cost.

By Quince | 1 March 2013 5:55 PM

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