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Fewer people move to Holland as the population growth slows

Thursday 07 February 2013

The number of new immigrants arriving in the Netherlands fell to 156,000 last year, just 7,000 more than the number of people leaving the country, the national statistics office CBS said on Thursday.

It is the first time the number of immigrants has fallen since 2006 but emigration is up for the third year in a row. In particular, there were fewer refugees from Asia and Africa and many eastern Europeans returned home, the CBS said.

Southern Europe, France and Thailand were popular among Dutch pensioners moving abroad, while Germany and Belgium continued to attract people of working age.


More people moved from the Netherlands to Turkey, Morocco, Suriname and the Dutch Caribbean islands than the other way round. There was, however, an increase in immigration from southern Europe, particularly Spain and Greece, the CBS said.

Taking new arrivals into account, the population of the Netherlands expanded by 48,000 last year, taking the total to nearly 16.8 million.

Flu epidemic

Excluding immigration, the population of the Netherlands grew by just 35,000 people, its lowest level for over 140 years, the CBS said.

The heavy frosts February and flu epidemic in March helped push up the death rate to 141,000. At the same time, 175,000 babies were born, a drop of 5,000 on 2011 and in line with the birth rate in the 1980s.

'In particular, young women are having their first child later,' CBS spokesman Jan Latten told Nos television. 'The delay may be to do with the economic uncertainty.'



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Readers' Comments

Sounds like non westerners are moving back to their original countries cause they don't integrate and Southern Europeans are coming for work.

By KEV | 7 February 2013 11:56 PM

Who will dare to have a child with falling child care benefit and rising life and educational costs?

The lowest increase natural increase in 140 years. Even the Moroccans and Turks who are no longer wanted are leaving. So dutch will be on their own with their shrinking population, market and value. Only the salaries of the bankers will be as it is. Hope they will not blame someone else for this.

By Utku Tekinel | 8 February 2013 1:28 AM

People will go back to where they are from once their countries economy and employment situation improve. No one will like to live in a country with poor weather condition and anti families policies and high costs of living.

By ufo | 8 February 2013 10:24 AM

Sounds like non-westerners are moving back to their original countries because they are tired of being accused of not integrating.

By CW | 8 February 2013 11:38 AM

South Europeans are heading north as a result of the economic crises. If I would be Greek and know Greece is about to be kicked out of the EU, I would change countries before the law changes.

One would not leave his home land unless forced, seeking stable life or seeking freedom ... etc.

As for Moroccans/ Turks ... etc ( the forever talked about "unwanted" immigrants)-Whoever think them going back home is a good thing then you are wrong. They benefit from the Dutch social system and spend the money abroad! On top of that birth rate dropped! NL should never become Norway!!

By Mo Jordan | 8 February 2013 1:16 PM

I am Canadian (so, a westerner) and I left NL because I felt EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE and UNWELCOME there. I had great colleagues and made some good friends while I had a job, but once the economy tanked and the research institute got rid of their contracts for foreigners, I was treated like a completely different person. Suddenly, even though I have a lot of education, I felt I was considered a second-class citizen because I didn't have a job (especially by my in-laws), so I left. Dutch tolerance is a farce.

By Stupid | 8 February 2013 8:50 PM

Considering the poor outlook for the economy, and with this government's policy of taxing its way out the financial crisis, it's no wonder people are leaving. Rutte's coalition government with all its incompetence will be the ruin of our economy.

By Quince | 9 February 2013 2:12 PM

Infact i am not surprise about the number. why? bcos this is the policy netherland has been pursue for decades now. the anti immgrant policy and anti family policy this policy had contributed alot to this number. i hope the this anti immgrant goverment that is in power will look beyound their noise and recognise that they had hurt many family in this nation. may god have mercy upon them and surport family value.

By george | 10 February 2013 11:13 PM

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