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Fewer houses sold in January

Monday 18 February 2013

Just 6,260 Dutch homes changed hands in January, a drop of nearly 12% on a year ago and 64% down on December, the land registry office Kadaster said on Monday.

Sales surged in December as buyers sought to beat the introduction of new rules for mortgage tax breaks. And January is traditionally slow in terms of property transactions.

The sale of detached homes was hardest hit - down 29% - while corner homes were hardly affected.

Sales were down across the country apart from in Flevoland, where the number rose nearly 10%.

Terraced homes

Meanwhile, research by European statistics office Eurostat shows the Dutch are more likely than any other EU nationality to live in a terraced or row house.

Six out of 10 Dutch households occupy a terraced home and just 20% live in a flat.

'A terraced home is part of our culture,' Delft University housing researcher Kees Dol told the Volkskrant on Monday. 'There is a market for flats, but most people want a home with a garden.' In addition, flats in the Netherlands are usually fairly small, he said.

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Readers' Comments

but....but 'that will never happen here' - I quote. First step to changing this situation is admitting that these problems are actually happening here, and then approaching the problems related to this reccession in an organized unified manner in order to solve them.
Good luck!

By Z | 18 February 2013 4:10 PM

I really feel terrible for the folks who bought in December so that they could borrow as much as possible. In another month they'll be underwater too. Please be careful and take everything your mortgage broker and agent say with a grain of salt. Good luck to all.

By Kevin | 18 February 2013 7:03 PM

It doesn't surprise me flats aren't popular here. Besides lacking a garden and the general hassle (an elevator doesn't solve everything), you also pay twice as much for a twice as small place to live, and of course the dreaded VvE where you constantly have to pay for others. Also, there are plenty of flats where they turn off the heat for the entire building in the night, and many other problems.

By Someone | 18 February 2013 7:07 PM

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