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Dutchmen in horsemeat scandal found guilty of fraud last year

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Two Dutch nationals implicated in the European horsemeat scandal were convicted of similar offences last year, according to Nos television.

Jan Fasen, who is now director of Cyprus-based Draap Trading, was given one year in jail, three months suspended, in 2012 for selling South American horsemeat as halal beef. F had forged documents to deceive his customers, Nos said. Draap is the Dutch word for horse backwards.

In addition, a meat trader from Oosterhout was given a community service sentence for his role in the deception. Hans W's company was also fined for fraud, the Telegraaf reported.

Draap Trading is said to be central in the scandal. According to media reports, it imported 60 tonnes of horsemeat from Romania. Part of that has been stored at the Nemijtek meat trading company in Breda.


Dutch food safety inspectors have visited the Nemijtek plant and taken away samples for testing, local broadcaster Omroep Brabant said on Wednesday. The inspectors also ordered stocks to be retained on site until the tests were competed.

The company told the broadcaster it does stock Romanian horsemeat but it leaves the premises described as horse.

Horsemeat has been found in products said to be 100% beef in Britain, Sweden, Ireland and Poland in recent days. In particular, frozen lasagne from a French firm was found to be up to 100% horse. French officials said last week a Dutch meat trader had a pivotal role in the supply chain.

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Readers' Comments

It's just unbelievable that someone can do this to million and million of people cross 5/6 countries. Greedy.

And he was found cheating with halal meat earlier, per the daily Mirror he is to be fined only +\- 850 euros only per Dutch low. This is strange, that encourage such acts - we better give him a rose as well :-(.

By Mo Jordan | 14 February 2013 7:57 AM

Oh, so it's not those pesky Romanians this time, is it? How bizarre...sure many are dumbfounded by the idea alone. Unfortunately it's not the case for "no harm, no foul" here. I would definitely like to see the end of this and the responsibles pay for everything (if possible)!

By Undutchable | 14 February 2013 3:51 PM

It seems a widespread practise is being uncovered right across Europe.

@pepe. is Draap Trading also a British company? No? Strange that considering you seem to think its only the British doing this.

By ExtraExtra | 14 February 2013 7:18 PM

Can you point me to the comment where I claimed that this is only a British thing, ExtraExtra?
But thank you for admitting it is a widespread practice across Europe.

By pepe | 15 February 2013 4:30 PM

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