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Dutch prime minister will give Europe speech 'at some point'

Friday 15 February 2013

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte will give a speech outlining the Dutch vision of Europe to the European parliament, foreign minister Frans Timmermans told BNR radio on Friday.

Timmermans told the broadcaster earlier he would like the prime minister to give a speech, as French president François Hollande had done. Rutte later confirmed he would.

‘He said while saying goodbye that ‘of course I will give a speech on Europe to the European parliament at some point’,’ Timmermans said. ‘I was pleased to hear it.’

No date has yet been set. Asked if the speech might happen when the Netherlands takes over the presidency of the European Council in 2016, Timmermans said: ‘That might be the case, but I expect it to be earlier.’

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Readers' Comments

The idea that Rutte might even be around in 2016 when the Netherlands takes over the EU presidency is pretty scary. I'm hoping this horrible coalition government, along with Rutte, will be dissolved well before then.

By Quince | 15 February 2013 8:59 PM

'If Rutte is around in 2016, I will start going to church. All very well having personality, 'how about brains dept? :P

By The visitor | 17 February 2013 8:46 PM

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