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Animal rights group disappointed at cheap chicken agreement

Tuesday 26 February 2013

There is little enthusiasm at animal rights group Wakker Dier for the agreement reached between supermarkets, abattoirs and poultry farms to start phasing out cheap broiler chickens in 2015.

All those involved in the production and sale of cheap fast-breeding chickens (plofkip) agreed on Monday to phase out these chickens for use as meat, and to have them out of supermarkets by 2020.


The decision comes in the wake of a campaign by Wakker Dier to force better living conditions for chickens and pigs.


The group says the supermarkets promised last summer to only sell pigs and chickens which qualify for at least one star - better life - in the meat production rankings.



Wakker Dier says it is unimpressed with an agreement that allows for 18 instead of 20 chickens in a square metre, with birds that will never go outside and will live just a couple of days longer than they do at present.


'This agreement means the industry does not have to do anything until 2015 to swap these maimed chickens with a cross between a normal chicken and a fast-breed chicken,' a spokesman told the NRC.


According to retail food group CBL a faster change-over is not possible because it takes time to raise a new breed.

The change-over should be complete by 2020, although the plofkip will still be reared for export. Only some 30% of the chicken produced in the Netherlands is for the domestic market.

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Readers' Comments

If chickens are that precious intelligent animals, they can fight for themselves. What? They can not? I will feel sorry for them, when I have some free time. Meanwhile I keep eating whatever the supermarket sells. People who campaign for this I hope realize that they do not have ANY serious problems in their life. We should rather be concerned about people in Africa who do not have enough to eat instead of stupid chickens.

By Zuzu | 26 February 2013 11:41 PM

I'm a plant rights activist, those vegetarians should stop eating the poor plants, they are living things !

By giovanni | 27 February 2013 11:37 AM

@Zuzu, in the Netherlands everyone is allowed to choose for themselves with causes they think are worthy. I feel sorry for you and your opinion about living creatures.
By the way, factory farming, and eating meat, is a big burden on the world. Deforestation being the most obvious example.

By pepe | 28 February 2013 1:00 PM

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