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After horse in lasagne, now it's bacteria in Swedish burgers

Monday 18 February 2013

The Swedish wholesaler has warned consumers about the contamination on its website

Dutch food safety inspectors on Monday carried out emergency checks on a meat processing firm in Enschede, following reports it had supplied meat contaminated with the potentially lethal EHEC bacteria to a Swedish wholesaler.

Some 6 tonnes of hamburger and kebab have been removed from Swedish supermarket shelves after two children became ill eating meat which was not properly cooked, Nos television said.

Later research showed some of the meat contained the EHEC bacteria, a variant of E.coli. According to the Swedish media, it was sourced in the Netherlands.


On Monday afternoon, inspectors visited the Beimer Meat company in Enschede where meat is portioned for consumer use, the NRC said.

As well as inspecting hygiene standards at the plant, the inspectors will also attempt to trace which other firms have been supplied with the meat. The meat processed in Enschede came from six different slaughterhouses in Hungary, Poland, Britain and Latvia, according to the NRC.

Beimer Meat told Nos television it knows nothing about any infection and that its product may have been mixed with meat from other sources.

Horse scandal

Meanwhile, food inspectors have halted work at the Willy Selten meat processing plant in Oss following Friday's raid in connection with the horse meat scandal.

The company is suspected of mixing horse meat with beef and selling it as 100% pure beef. Samples and the company's files were taken away during Friday's raid.

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Readers' Comments

Is it safe to eat meat in or from the Netherlands? or is this 'not happening here' in Dutch people's minds? Read all these articles and come to your own conclusions...
My guess is that a lot more issues related to public safety, health and the role of the government in the Netherlands will be coming up soon.

By Z | 18 February 2013 4:19 PM

Bad news for the food industry in the Netherlands and i think the best way will be dutch inspectors to start giving big fines to such manufacturers and sometimes to revoke their licence. Some manufacturers consider the profit more important than the human life therefore need a lesson even with imprisonment. The need harsh punishment the owners of such companies because the think people are animals like them. They put the human life at risk and sometimes has fatal outcome.
Thank you for reading this email who wrote somebody who studied gastronomy in the US and knows the theory about bacteria very good.
Tsoukalas G.

By Georgios Tsoukalas | 18 February 2013 4:39 PM

If ever there was a better argument for going vegetarian.

By M | 18 February 2013 6:39 PM

Why would anyone buy Dutch food abroad? It all comes from factory farms if it's properly Dutch grown. I hope this food scandal which is sweeping Europe changes the way we eat, because the way we eat now is not working.

By Anne Onymous | 19 February 2013 12:50 AM

This is why I buy from local organic butchers who source from small, local, organic farms. They have much more respect for the animals themselves as well as their customers. This whole global sourcing for these types of products are what's killing the economy for all of us 'little consumers.' And at the risk of sounding like a megalomaniac, these events would be practically non-existent if everyone bought locally. And more importantly, just learned how to put a few ingredients together and create a meal instead of slapping some crap together and stuffing it in their gobs.

To your health!

By Bubba | 19 February 2013 6:12 PM

@Z, just out of curiosity, are you Bill?

By pepe | 20 February 2013 1:01 PM

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