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Accountants are refusing to approve all hospital accounts: NRC

Tuesday 05 February 2013

Accountants are refusing to sign off on the 2012 accounts for every Dutch hospital because they do not trust the figures, according to a confidential letter from accountants' organisation NBA which is in the hands of tv programme Nieuwsuur.

The accounting system in hospitals was altered radically for 2012. Hospital charges were changed, 70% of charges were left to the free market and hospitals worked with two sets of books to facilitate the change-over.

In addition, three different computer systems were introduced to cope with the new administration system.

This has led to a lack of clarity, particularly in the interpretation of the rules, says the NBA. Hospitals were warned there could be problems at the end of 2011, says the organisation, but little action was taken.

If the figures are not accepted by accountants, health insurers cannot pay out money owed to hospitals and banks will increase their lending rates, putting hospitals in financial problems, reports the NRC.

The health ministry is now in urgent talks with all parties to find a solution by mid-February when accounts must be sent to the health insurers.

Hospitals are also currently under fire for sending inflated bills to health insurers. 





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Readers' Comments

Nationalise the basic healthcare sector still the better choice. It will reduce all the extra admin red tape costs and too high pay for top executives in insurance and healthcare. It will also translate to lower basic insurance premiums. It will be a more efficient and effective system.

By ufo | 6 February 2013 8:57 AM

Is it any surprise that healthcare costs are rising? They have to maintain 2 sets of books and 3 computer systems, that means they will have little time, money or energy left to look after patients. This really sounds like a "free market". No, it reminds me of the banks, fiddling books and wasting our money, whilst paying their top execs handsomely. Time for the lot to be nationalised?

By AC | 6 February 2013 11:22 AM

What a shame! 24/7 maternity wards are still to come but three different computer systems working for the transactions. Nationalize the basic insurance (considering already very basic service) and let privates race for the top-ups which nobody will buy in a few years.

By Utku Tekinel | 6 February 2013 6:02 PM

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