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Some 300,000 don't pay their healthcare insurance

Wednesday 09 January 2013

A hard-core group of some 300,000 people fail to pay their health insurance premiums ever year, according to new figures from the national statistics office CBS.

The figure has been stable over the years, the CBS says. The debt problem is spread over the entire country and in total, some 2% of the population run up debts of at least six months on their payments.

A spokesman for the family budget institute Nibud told news agency ANP the economic crisis is playing a role.

'Some 45% of people find it hard to make ends meet,' the spokesman said. 'Once there is not enough in their bank accounts to pay the bills and direct debits fail, you end up in a vicious circle.'

People on a low income are entitled to up to around €70 a month in state help to pay their health insurance premiums.

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Readers' Comments

No freaking wonder. I didn't even reach my own risk this year, so it's pretty much like I've flushed hundreds of € down the toilet. It is a ridiculous amount of money, with far too many flaws. Sure makes me long back home to Sweden again!

By Saraaa | 10 January 2013 8:50 AM

To give CZ their dues, when I've struggled with money they have been the one utility who've NOT slapped insane late payments on their bills. I'm looking at you water companies!

By Sarah | 10 January 2013 8:50 AM

UK Gov pay my basic, as 'sorry' 4 last Gov firing my Drs & leaving me 2 die in Agony. Can only be CZ as I was not born in Netherlands of parents born here! Pay CZ Top-up fee 30 mth but CZ took me 2 Court for 88 euros they 'Forgot' to automatically take from Bank for 2mths. I tried reasoning 4 month, phone & email. They kept promising 2take money from Bank but I kept getting Bailiffs, with added charges!!! This is Not Right...Went2Court...Judges says explain - I do - she says, "in writing!" - I do - "English - No! In Dutch! - I do! - "You have No Legal Excuse 4not Paying Health Insurance!" Fined +Costs!!!

By Gerard | 10 January 2013 9:42 AM

Being over here has really made me appreciate how the NHS is the UK is taken for granted.

By Darren | 10 January 2013 1:41 PM

Greedy water companies! 40 + euro a month for water, ridiculous!

By Marko de Vries | 10 January 2013 4:38 PM

There have been a hardcore who refuse to pay since it was introduced (so about seven years). Wanna bet they are using alot of healthcare?

By Roger Mellie | 10 January 2013 7:51 PM

We pay 41% tax over here so why we do not have free healthcare?? Paying 100 euro a month for something you do not use is obsurd, they do f**k all else with our tax money afterall!! Time for a referendum on "compulsory" health insurance I say!

By Marvin | 10 January 2013 9:28 PM

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