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Shortage of company doctors looms

Wednesday 02 January 2013

A shortage of company doctors in the Netherlands is looming because few people are signing up to the profession, Nos television reports on Wednesday.

A large number of the 1,950 company doctors still employed in the Netherlands are due to retire within five years but few replacements have been found.

In order to keep numbers up, between 100 and 150 doctors need to train to work in the corporate sector, but in practice beween 10 and 20 do so every year, Nos says.

The company doctors’ association says little attention is paid to the profession by universities. In addition, company doctors have a negative image and people have doubts about their independence.

‘Many doctors think ‘who pays, says,’ Jurriaan Penders, chairman of the NVAB, told the broadcaster. ‘But that is not true. We have professional statutes guaranteeing independence.’

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Readers' Comments

'company doctor' !!! For God's Sake!
What's the difference between a 'company doctor' and a normal doctor?
What's so physically difference between a normal person and one who happens to works for a company with a 'company doctor'?
Please, just Go Back to Basics and train doctors to work as doctors, no matter where, or who, they are employed by.

By Gerard | 2 January 2013 4:51 PM

In my experience a company doctor is someone who is available to employees for one half day every week.
Sounds like a hard job to me!

By Donaugh | 2 January 2013 9:38 PM

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