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Ready for action: 250 Nedcar car workers become volunteers

Monday 14 January 2013

Some 250 workers from the Nedcar car plant in Limburg are to start volunteering for local healthcare organisations, schools sports clubs and neighbourhood groups while they wait for the plant to re-open next year, news agency ANP reports.

Many of the plant's 1,500 workers have been found alternative jobs pending the restart of the factory by new owner VDL next year.

Some 300 are involved in rebuilding the factory while others have gone to work in VDL factories in Germany and England or have temporary placements with other firms.

A further 250, who are difficult to place in a temporary job, have agreed to do voluntary work two days a week, ANP said.

All 1,500 workers have been promised jobs when the Nedcar factory reopens to produce the Mini. During the change-over period, they are being paid from the unemployment benefit fund, topped up by VDL to their former salary levels.

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Readers' Comments

Impressive management. Europe needs more companies like VDL to help create employment.

By ufo | 15 January 2013 8:46 AM

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