Insurance will soon rise with theft risk, predicts car crime group

The drivers of cars which are popular with thieves will soon find themselves paying higher insurance premiums, a foundation charged with combating car crime predicts in Monday’s Telegraaf.

‘Action desperately needs to be taken because of the risk of newer cars being stolen,’ Guus Wesselink of the AVc told the paper. ‘In 2012, newer cars with a total value of over €100m were stolen, some €30m more than a year ago.’

The Telegraaf says the Honda CR-V is the most popular car among car thieves. One in 27 of this type of vehicle bought in 2011 was stolen. BMWs and Volkswagens are also sought after.

The paper says the car insurance association VbV does not rule out its members charging higher premiums for cars which are prone to theft, as already happens in Britain and Germany.