Former minister Verhagen picks up several advisory jobs

Former economics affairs minister Maxime Verhagen has been appointed a special adviser to the VDL Groep, just months after he helped ensure the Eindhoven-based industrial company could take over the Nedcar plant in Limburg.

VDL’s owner Wim de Leegte confirmed the news to the NRC on Friday afternoon, website reported.
Verhagen was very close to the negotiations on the takeover of Nedcar, which was threatened with closure after Mitsubishi said it would pull out. The deal led to 1,500 jobs being saved – a fact which Verhagen said was one of the most important successes of his ministerial career.
Limburg province has also named Verhagen as a supervisory board member at the Chemolot Campus chemicals industrial part in Geleen and a lobbyist for the provincial authority.
Verhagen quit politics after the formation of a new government last year.