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Fewer people plan to go on holiday this year

Tuesday 08 January 2013

Over one in four people in the Netherlands are considering not taking a holiday this year, according to research for the tourism board NBTC.

In total, 27% people may not have a holiday break, compared with 22% in 2012, the research shows.

Those who are planning a getaway will spend less money and long-haul holidays will be hardest hit.

Last year, the Dutch spent €15.7bn on holidays, of which almost €3bn was spent in the Netherlands itself.

Have you made any holiday plans yet? Share your thoughts using the comment box below.

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Readers' Comments

Yes I have made holiday plans. Perhaps this news is not all that bad and the Dutch population will spend more domestically, e.g. in Bars and Restaurants, which had a real bad 2012 as far as I know.

By the_expat | 8 January 2013 6:04 PM

'Considering a trip to the Niger Delta with new GF for a change, nice short flight instead of the usual Manila non stop 12½h. I'm guessing that €'s will go a lot further there than here!

Same thing there though, malaria & dengue fever are rampant during rainy season. :P

By The visitor | 9 January 2013 5:27 PM

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