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European court ruling means 111 psychiatric prisoners may be released

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Some 111 people currently held in secure psychiatric clinics may have to be released when their four-year detention is up because of a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, according to justice ministry research.

Officials re-examined 2,400 cases after the court said people can only be detained in psychiatric prison (tbs) longer than four years if convicted of violent offences.

This means people detained for arson, child pornography possession or blackmail, for example, will have to be released.

'We are going to do all we can to prevent this,' justice minister Fred Teeven told reporters. 'But I cannot rule out some people being freed. We will look into whether these people present a danger and if so take extra measures with regard to the victims.'

Seven of the 111 cases have so far come up for review, and of them, one person has been released.

One way of ensuring people considered a danger stay behind bars is for judges to make the violent aspects of crimes more explicit, Teeven said.

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Readers' Comments

Oh my, another wonderful thing being a part of the EU, common sense ... What's that? None here in Brussels at all. No wonder David Cameron wants changes, shouldn't every other EU member be calling for common sense and less red stupid rules??

By AndyT | 30 January 2013 5:18 PM

Well, you can't keep them incarcerated forever. Some of these offences can be monitored through a probation system. That said, I thought arson was a violent crime... people can die and property destroyed.

By Quince | 30 January 2013 5:25 PM

Great, so a criminal psycho on early release could move in next door.

By Bentley | 30 January 2013 6:29 PM

they did that here some years ago the crime lebesque rate went up immediately .

By roelie haveman | 30 January 2013 6:46 PM

My neighbour is acutely psychotic and has made my life a living hell for 10 years. He is violent and has been found guilty of assaulting me. He was raised to his 20's in a guarded psych institution - why he is free escapes me. Releasing people like this is a complete disaster for the community around them - and should be left to Judges advised by psychiatric professionals.

By Max Harmreduction | 31 January 2013 2:21 AM

AndyT, the European Court of Human Rights isn't part of the EU. It is a totally separate body, based in Strasbourg, with absolutely nothing to do with the EU main court, the European Court of Justice which is based in Luxembourg. No connection to the EU, David Cameron or Brussels....

By Aaron D | 31 January 2013 4:11 PM

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