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Dutch Labour party warns prime minister on British PM’s speech

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Dutch Labour MPs have urged prime minister Mark Rutte not to ally himself too closely with his British counterpart when David Cameron makes a major speech on Europe in the Netherlands on Friday.

Although Cameron is welcome in the Netherlands, Rutte must distance himself from Britain’s desire for a separate status within Europe, the Financieele Dagblad quotes PvdA foreign affairs spokesman Michiel Servaes as saying.

The PvdA and Rutte's VVD form the current coalition government.

‘It is important that prime minister Rutte states the Netherlands does not see any virtue in a separate status on key European areas of cooperation, such as the free movement of workers or agreements on minimum social standards,’ Servaes said. ‘And certainly not in terms of any special position for the financial sector.’

Economic crisis

Cameron cannot pick out the bits of the European Union he likes, Servaes said. The most important issue at the moment is that Europe finds a solution for the economic crisis and Cameron must not complicate a possible treaty change with British wishes in other areas.

Cameron is due to give his speech on his vision of Europe and the British role in it on Friday. The location has not yet been made public.

According to the FD, business leaders and members of the diplomatic corps have been invited to attend.

At the weekend, Rutte's spokesman told the Daily Mail: 'We are not aiming for opt outs or something like that. Nor do we want to redefine our relationship with the European Union. What we want is a better functioning European Union, strengthening the internal market, getting the costs down – that kind of thing.'

Rutte's office confirmed on Tuesday that Cameron and the Dutch prime minister will meet on Friday. They will discuss European issues, including the budget, the statement said.

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Readers' Comments

No one in the Eurozone can expect us to sit back & allow European Union institutions to waste resources running around after Eurozone countries seeking to move in a different direction to those that have been unanimously agreed in teh past. Moving the goal posts while the game is being played out is not acceptable. If the Eurozone wants to head off in a different direction it has to accept a change in its relationship will have consequences & these need to be balanced & not against our National Interests. Being alone in Europe is not an issue for us, we will stand our ground which is why the continent is not all speaking German now.

By Joe Thorpe | 16 January 2013 8:39 AM

Dutch Labour party warns prime minister on British PM’s speech. Mr. Sevres’s threats just show the weakness of the parasite part of your government. The Labour party is more a danger to the European Union by supporting incompetence and mismanagement of a system that must change to exist.

By Terence Hale | 16 January 2013 11:49 AM

Over the years I've read the most vicious comments about the Dutch and whether they want to be part of Europe or not. I guess it is all so different when it is about the UK.

By pepe | 16 January 2013 12:51 PM

British politicians have lied to the people for forty years about the nature of the . European project, For many years they called it the "Common Market", insisting it was just concerned with trade. Now the political nature of th EU cannot be concealed and people mostly don't like it. Mr Cameron once made a "cast iron" promise of a referendum on the constitution/Lisbon treaty which he did not keep. People will not believe any promise he makes now, especially as it is highly unlikely that he will be re-elected to keep it.

By Edward Spalton | 16 January 2013 4:11 PM

Oh woes me... I fear an opportunity here for all sorts of gaffs and mixed messages, not to mention placing a proverbial foot-in-the-mouth.

By Quince | 16 January 2013 4:43 PM

For a politician, Servaes has no comprehension of politics. "Cameron cannot pick out the bits he likes".

In a weakened Union he can do just that! The EU is extremely unpopular in the UK now and most Brits want out. If Brussels does not succumb he can just (threaten to) go to the people with a referendum. The result will mean that he can submit to the vox pop.

Since the Union demonstrated on several occasions that they're fans of referenda they can hardly reject the view of the British voters without confirming their opinion of the Eurocrats!

By Bill C | 16 January 2013 7:17 PM

A union is supposed to last in good or bad times,and in sickness or in health. Everyone will benefit but it will take time and effort. EU is doing good by educating member states to spend wisely.

By ufo | 17 January 2013 9:09 AM

"we will stand our ground which is why the continent is not all speaking German now.

By Joe Thorpe | January 16, 2013 8:39 AM"

This is not the Daily Mail, mr. Thorpe.

By pepe | 17 January 2013 10:21 AM

Sure Cameron could threaten but really its mostly empty threats anyway and we all know it. I'm sure his friends in the City of London have already explained to him why leaving the EU is a really bad idea from their perspective...

By Chris L. | 17 January 2013 12:03 PM

Come back Mr Heath, your country needs you.

By Darren | 17 January 2013 1:25 PM

each time Cameron speaks on the EU UKIP gains more support, including mine.

By Colin | 17 January 2013 5:03 PM

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