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Cito test questions for sale on internet

Tuesday 29 January 2013

The questions for all three days of this year's nationwide primary school tests are for sale for €450 on the internet sales site Marktplaats.nl, according to the NRC.

The paper was made aware of the availability of the questions by a reader who bought a test paper for a family member in 2012.

He was approached this year by the same seller who offered him all this year's questions. According to the reader, staples can be seen, meaning the seller is in possession of a physical copy of the tests.


A spokesman for Cito, the private company which draws up the tests, told the NRC the organisation was aware of the leak and has not yet decided whether to recall the questions.

How the leak occurred is not clear. All Cito staff sign a confidentiality agreement and schools also sign for careful handling of the questions.

This year's Cito test takes place on February 5, 6 and 7. Most children in the final year of their primary school take the tests, which are used to determine what sort of secondary school they will go to.

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Readers' Comments

I bet that now the Police will easily force Marktplaats to share the data of the seller, but when I reported a Marktplaats fraud to the Police (paid 320 euro for an item that has never been sent to me) they replied after 2 weeks that the case is closed and they will not continue the investigetion. Witout giving an actual reason. Is 320 Euro an amount of money not worth chasing in this coutry ?!? Anyone has been through this and won?

By Jakub | 29 January 2013 3:49 PM

Why would someone pay 450 euro for the Cito test answers. The Cito tests are so easy that most everyone should be able to score well on them without any preparation whatsoever.

By Andy | 30 January 2013 7:15 PM

I world happily pay that to secure the future of my children

By Tony | 1 February 2013 5:12 PM

I think this shouldn't be possible. Those answers decide a big thing in the life on those kids. The answers must be much better protected. The kids can now just learn the answers out of their heads to get a false prefect score. Though if it's sold for €450,-, kids probably won't buy it. And we think their parents won't buy it for them either. So it shouldn't be a big problem.

By sanne B, Edwin | 6 March 2013 2:59 PM

Dear readers,

First off all I did the cito 3 years ago, it was not easy. So with the questions before the cito starts, you can practise a few days before i. 450 euro is a lot of money, if I had the choice i would not bu the questions. From the internet is also a risk, some people can scam you.The police would find the people and arrest them, because it is illegal. If you get a high score and you go to vwo, mayby you can not handle it, because it is a to high level for you. I hope you get what information by this comment

By Redouan Jordy Kenneth Joppe Noud | 6 March 2013 4:41 PM

I think that it is ridiculous that they have tried to sell the Cito-exam on the internet.
It is illegal to try to sell the Cito-exam on the internet.Are they stupid or something? The police will always find out. The only thing they can earn from it is a big fine. Who would ever bought the questions? There are more than 1000 Cito questions.
If you only have a few of them , it is useless.

By Manon Natasja Tamara Romy | 7 March 2013 8:34 PM

Dear readers,

We think it's not the fault of the students but the fault of the people who secure the site. We also think it's not the fault of the person who put the test on the website marktplaats.nl, beacause maybe he/she didn't know that it was the official test. We think that the responsibility lays by the CITO and not by the rest of the people who just were involved with the cheating.

By Luuk, Mylène, Jan and Eline | 7 March 2013 8:37 PM

I think it´s very dumb and useless to buy the answers of the test, because it´s very expensive, and there is no point at cheating this test.
Imagine, you go to the VWO (because you knew the answers), don’t belong there, but at VMBO, it’s just too hard for you, so you go to VMBO after all, because you belong there.
And besides, the teachers also decide which level you’re going. Their advice is based on your achievements the past years at school. So probably you wouldn’t even make it to a higher level, like VWO.

By LisanneMaritSofieMichelle Van Jenniekamp | 7 March 2013 9:36 PM

we don't think it's too smart for the organisation that they send it to the man, he only asked for an exercise test. we think the man had quite some courage to sell the test on the internet, it is a smart way to get some money though. imagine how many parents want to pay 450 euro for their kids. At the end we think it was a funny but realy dumb action of the man. Cito was just impressonible.

By Luuk, Bas, Mats, Tim | 11 March 2013 8:44 PM

first of all, how can it be possible that someone has the answers of a test that is so important for your future? And how can marktplaats.nl allow people to sell important test answers? I think it is crazy that it is the same person as last year. Why doesn't anybody do something about it? It is strange that Cito is aware of the leak but didnot recall the questions

By Sanne, Julliette, Joep, Isabelle | 11 March 2013 9:27 PM

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