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Almost one third of the Dutch want to be their own boss

Wednesday 09 January 2013

Almost one in three people in the Netherlands would prefer to be their own boss, slightly below the European average, according to research by the European Commission.

On average, 37% of Europeans want to work for themselves, down from 45% in 2009. This 'reflects the current economic situation with less promising business prospects and the increased wish for a secure employment', the Commission said in a statement.

Outside Europe the picture is very different. Eight out of 10 Turks want to be their own boss, as do 63% of Brazilians and 56% of Chinese, the research showed.

There has been a sharp rise in people going it alone in the Netherlands in recent years. Earlier this week, the Chamber of Commerce said 96% of new firms created in the Netherlands last year were one-man-operated companies.

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Readers' Comments

"wanting to" and "preferring" are different to doing it. Unless you have access to capital, luck, perseverance, entrepreneur mind-set, calculated risk taker, provide product, service or skill in demand, usually work very long hours. If one man operation - your new boss is the tax office and the owners of the bills you pay.
Scale-up? Ha! Thanks to NL policies geared towards big business not small business - to employ people: be prepared to pay double and get snowed under with administration costs, and take big risks if they do not work out or they go off sick for a year. Not worth the risk? = do not employ!

By Observator | 9 January 2013 9:00 PM

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