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The top news stories of 2012

Monday 31 December 2012

What were the biggest news stories of 2012? We've put together a list of the top three most widely-read stories each month.

Claiming welfare? By 2013 you must speak Dutch, says VVD

Get the skates out; icy weather is on its way
Queen thinks the commotion about her headscarf is nonsense

Problems with Poles? Report them to us, says new PVV website
Prince Friso suffered very serious brain damage
No trains in Utrecht and Amsterdam as snow chaos continues

Catholic church abuse: at least one youth castrated for 'homosexuality'
Prince Friso is being moved to London
Ministers agree to get tough on dual nationality, also for the Dutch

Amsterdam train crash: at least 125 injured, 13 seriously
Austerity talks collapse as Wilders walks out, election now likely
Court rules against cannabis cafes: green light for 'wietpas'

Four teenagers held over video showing sexual assault
Protests, police and job losses as new cannabis rules take effect
Get rid of that 'allochtoon' word, advisory group tells government

Oranje crash out of Euro 2012 after failing to win a single point
New cannabis rules a success, says mayor, as complaints rocket
The Netherlands calls for probe into family reunion fraud

Legal euthanasia has not led to more cases in the Netherlands
Police intervene after partygoers rampage in Rotterdam
Queen Beatrix has no plans to hand back some of her salary

World War II bomb closes part of Schiphol airport
The Netherlands cannot afford the SP to win the election: Labour party chairman
The Netherlands gears up for the year's warmest weekend

Haren braces itself for Project X party
Carice van Houten is the most dangerous Dutch celebrity
The election as it happens: live blog

16-year-old girl faces five years in jail for Facebook murder
Emanuelle actress Sylvia Kristel dies of cancer
Health insurance to soar to nearly €500 a month for high earners

Amsterdam will not ban tourists from coffee shops, says mayor
Man arrested following dna tests to solve 1999 schoolgirl murder
Prince Friso, nine months in a coma, shows signs of awareness

Steve Job's yacht seized in Amsterdam in Philippe Starck bill row
Snow may fall this evening, but winter will really hit on Friday
Yellow card to be automatic for criticising referee

What do you consider was the biggest news event of the year? Use the comment form below to share your thoughts

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Readers' Comments

The biggest dissapointment of the year was team Oranje's Euro performance. Supposedly they had the best team in their history. What happened?

By KEV | 31 December 2012 10:14 PM

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