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Sex criminal register does not work as a deterrent: report

Monday 03 December 2012

Setting up an official register of sex offenders, as happens in the US and Britain, does not reduce the re-offending rate, a report for the Dutch justice ministry said on Monday.

Nor is there any evidence that updating locals on the presence of sex offenders stops further crimes, the report says.

In fact, notifying locals that someone convicted of sex crimes has moved to their neighbourhood can have a negative effect by isolating the offender from society. This could make it more likely that he will re-offend, the report says.


The report coincides with an experiment currently under way in 50 local authority areas in the Netherlands. The experiment, based on British practices, involves informing police and mayors when sex offenders are released from jail and settle in their locality.

Sex offenders in the Netherlands can be kept under official supervision for up to nine years.

If the experiment proves successful, it will be expanded nationwide.

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Readers' Comments

A sex criminal register is not about the criminal it is about potential victims! People have a right to know if there is a sexual predator living in their neighborhoods expecially since psychological therapy may reduce the rate at which sex offenders re-offend, it does not cure them! I think it is awful that Holland doesn't have some type of registry. Glad I don't have kids living in this country!

By M | 3 December 2012 3:39 PM

"Nor can you change the mind & habits of a homosexual." I thought that was blatantly obvious, duh!

By The visitor | 3 December 2012 5:10 PM

"involves informing police and mayors when sex offenders are released from jail and settle in their locality"..

Lot of good that does families with kids. As far as state "supervision", there is not a country on the planet that has resources to monitor all offenders 24/7 for nine years or nine minutes.

Instead, why not require Jan Loveboise to go door to door and introduce himself to his new neighbors as a convicted sex offender - we would want to offend or provoke said convicted by isolating him would we?

By Artemis | 3 December 2012 5:29 PM

@The visitor. Homosexuality does not have anything to do with being a sexual predator and offender, therefore should not even be mentioned! It is not a sexual deviance! They do not prey on women and children nor use violence, intimidation, and humiliation in order to fulfill some sick and depraved reasoning.

By M | 4 December 2012 9:40 AM

@The visitor The comments you have made are very discriminative and could be classed as homophobic. You will find that being homosexual has nothing to do with being a sexual predator and the sexual predators that are in jail are 99% hetrosexual.

By the big gay following | 4 December 2012 11:26 AM

I think my comment was misunderstood:

Psychologically speaking, sexual predators, rapists, exhibitionists, transvestites, pedophiles etc are in the minority from what we consider & accept as 'the norm' in society. These minority groups are driven by a strong compulsion or urge if you like in their sexual behavior.

Therefore there is no way to change how a person's brain functions, only control, surveillance or separation according to country & culture.

I am not homophobic & had no intention to discriminate.

By The visitor | 4 December 2012 2:27 PM

@ The Visitor: OK but original choice of words sure fooled a few people. And now: transvestites. They may be in the minority, & with their own urges, but again you lump them with offenders. Whether one approves or not of their life-style, that is not the issue. It just ain't necessarily so that they are predators! With hormonal treatments, often less a threat.

By Obvservator | 4 December 2012 5:07 PM

I think the visitor is eluding to a valid point, I don't read it as a personal affront to homo/bi/quad/sundays only sexuality - it's rather more like the fable of the scorpion and the frog. In other words your nature is your nature. I also find it interesting that other individuals would place issues of their own bruised ego in front of the potential exploitation of a child rather than offering a viable solution to a very real problem.

By Artemis | 5 December 2012 9:36 PM

@Artemis. "alluding", not "eluding"? Correct: *** our prime concerns should be with the exploited! But why even mention irrelevant groups?
Comments by M, TBGF, myself are not about bruised egos; they call to account incorrect assumptions; when the opposite is true: the just as strong sexual urges of we heterosexuals - the majority of predators group.
Mentioning or accusation by inference of the wrong groups just hurts them, reinforces sterotypes, and *** does NOT solve the predator problem; it makes it worse *** If you jail the wrong person - the predator is still out there! Agree, "your nature is your nature": it is about predators of whatever orientation! Jimmy Saville was not gay or transvestite!

By Observator | 6 December 2012 7:02 PM

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