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Ryanair says Dutch tv programme was 'factually incorrect'

Monday 31 December 2012

Irish budget airline Ryanair has issued a press release denying claims made by a Dutch television show that pilots are pressured to fly with less fuel in order to save costs.

Current affairs programme Reporter on Friday carried interviews with four anonymous Ryanair pilots who said they regularly fly with less fuel than they would like on company orders.

The airline said the programme was factually incorrect. ‘The only pressure put on Ryanair pilots is to make safety a priority,’ the statement said. ‘That is the reason why Ryanair has a 28-year excellent safety record.

Ryanair also criticised the show for failing to contact it for a reaction.

The programme led the Dutch government to ask the Irish authorities for an explanation. Ryanair operates flights from three Dutch airports.

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Readers' Comments

As a pilot, and knowing many pilots who fly for Ryanair, I can only but agree with Ryanair's reaction. Their No. 1 priority above anything else is safety, and as an airline, the management has NEVER put any pressure on pilots regarding fuel or a Go/No Go decision to fly. Rather than criticising an airline who flies into ONE airport in this shitty little country, why don't they ask the same questions of Pro-Rail and the NS, who have dismal records as purveyors of public transport.

By A Pilot | 1 January 2013 6:49 PM

Thank you "Pilot". You just sound like Mr. O'Leary himself.
A real professional knows that Nr. 1 priority is always profit - for any airline. Otherwise this business would be a waste. But safety is nearly as important as profit is. I do know a lot of Ryanair Pilots as well. They are good Pilots, but the company...
Three fuel mayday calls on one day speak for itself!

By A REAL PILOT | 12 January 2013 5:15 PM

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