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Public broadcasting system faces funding overhaul

Thursday 06 December 2012

The government is planning to overhaul the way public broadcasting in the Netherlands is funded, junior culture minister Sander Dekker said on Thursday.

At the moment, the public broadcasting system is funded by the state and by advertising. Television companies such as Vara and Tros have a specific religious, political or social slant and their airtime is allocated according to how many members they have.

Under the new system, funding will be allocated on the basis of programme quality, not membership numbers, Dekker says. 'We will shift from a system of 'every member counts' to 'every viewer counts',' Dekker said. 'The quality of programmes will be paramount.'

In addition, funding will be withdrawn totally for religious broadcasters such as the Catholic RKK and Buddhist programme maker Bos.

The plans will be worked out in more detail over the coming months.

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Readers' Comments

If the government say that "the quality of programmes will be paramount", I'd say that they need to throw the ads completely off the state channels, especially ads for kids.

And I think that the religious programmes need to be paid by the corresponding religious organizations.

By George | 6 December 2012 2:59 PM

If religious programs are not to be funded, so should funding be withdrawn as well from any philosophical or lifestyle-based broadcasters as well

By A.L. | 6 December 2012 5:57 PM

The Public broadcasting system is run by the government for the government: mainstream media is great for sheeple, - keep listening & watching at all costs..baa! ;)

By The visitor | 6 December 2012 9:33 PM

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