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Police have a say in their new uniform

Tuesday 18 December 2012


Police officers are being asked for their thoughts on a new uniform which is due to hit the streets in 2014.

The current uniform, which will remain in use for ceremonial purposes and office wear, has been criticised for being too difficult to run and climb in, and for lacking authority.

Among the questions officers are being asked is what sort of headgear they would like and if they want to wear an ordinary or a polo shirt.

The uniform, designed in-house according to Nos television, will be the same for both male and female officers.

In January, the Telegraaf reported Dutch police officers would like to ditch their caps for a more military-looking beret, replace their neat slacks with cargo trousers and wear tough boots rather than shoes.

Your thoughts? Use the comment box below.

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Readers' Comments

Their badge number should be clearly visible front and back.

By Puck | 18 December 2012 9:51 AM

I think all their suggestions make sense and are aligned with police forces in other countries. I'm not natively from the Netherlands and agree that the current wear looks a bit "wimpy". And if it's not efficient/comfortable, even worse.

By Roger | 18 December 2012 10:43 AM

..military-looking beret.gearing up for the new world order? If you read between the lines what the cops wnat is a uniform that is intimidating.To protect and serve or to intimidate and scare?I dont think there is anything wrong with what they got on already.Oh yeah and of course we the tax payer will be footing the bill.You would think there are more worthwhile things to spend our money on.

By jason buttle | 18 December 2012 10:53 AM

I think whatever uniform assists them in their job is a bonus. They need all the help that they can get. Too bad it can't be kevlar coated. We lost a policeman friend to a shooting incidient and the family still hasn't recovered (and never will) from their loss.

By M | 18 December 2012 11:08 AM

The authority of the police is supposed to come from the law which they represent, not from their wannabe G.I. Joe costumes.

By Geuzen76 | 18 December 2012 12:55 PM

They have to ware them, they should have a say in what they would like to ware.

By dee | 18 December 2012 2:32 PM

A uniform that quickly stands out from any possible clothing nearby, and is bright colored seems to impart trust (and empathy) from viewers. Professional appearance is mandatory. A bright completely neon yellow-green top would be proper in many situations, lower key in other situations. Loose, proper fitting and comfortable, layer approach for different situations. Cool cotton for summers. Experiment with different types. Perhaps a more formal version for some areas of town and situations. Perhaps low cost prototypes of several or more uniforms, be careful of any caps that resemble hoodie type clothing. Thanks NL for your excellent safety of tourists. The open coffee shops also helped with safety and psychological comfort of all tourists.

By NLtravel | 18 December 2012 8:52 PM

In the age of austerity The Dutch give their police nice new uniforms.

By Anne Onymous | 19 December 2012 12:11 AM

ahh ! back to the old days huh ? when the uniform looked like a left over from the nazi era, and the police behaved like the ss or gestapo.

By the old owl | 19 December 2012 2:15 AM

lol..okay we've seen Ken, what about Barbie?

By The visitor | 19 December 2012 4:34 AM

You cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear. ;)

By Pee-Tor | 19 December 2012 3:44 PM

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