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One fee, two degrees, say ruling party MPs

Wednesday 05 December 2012

Students taking two degrees simultaneously should be stimulated rather than punished and extra costs should be scrapped, according to MPs from the two ruling parties.

They want the government to extend a covenant between universities and the education ministry which scraps an extra fee for students who take two degrees at the same time.

‘Someone who is ambitious enough and has the skills to take two degrees at the same time should not be punished but stimulated,’ VVD parliamentarian Pieter Duisenberg said.

The MPs plan to press the education minister to agree to extend the covenant when the education ministry budget is debated.

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Readers' Comments

Obtaining two degrees simultaneously is a form of self-punishment anyway. No need to iterate the obvious. The result is inevitably being half-good at both fields.

By joost | 5 December 2012 11:49 PM

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