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Illegal youngsters can do work experience, says minister

Sunday 09 December 2012

The government will take steps to make it possible for youngsters without residency permits but who are at college to take up work experience places, social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher said at the weekend.

Children who are in the country illegally are allowed to attend school but the law does not allow them to undertake work experience because they have no work or residence permit. This often prevents them from completing their education.

Asscher told television show Nieuwsuur it is wrong that teenagers can follow a course but can't follow an internship, without which they cannot be awarded a diploma.

Last year the Council of Europe declared 'work experience is part of education and must be included'.

Is Asscher right? Use the comment box below

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Readers' Comments

Is Lodewijk right? Strange question Dutchnews. Last year the Council of Europe declared 'work experience is part of education and must be included'. Holland has been breaking the law and 'right or wrong' is not part of the equation. Students struggle to find anyone that will offer them an internship. If internships are a compulsory part of an education, then Mr. Asscher should address that problem by ensuring all students are guaranteed internships.

By jaycee | 10 December 2012 8:09 AM

This is a bit like the NL cannabis law, allowed to buy & sell through coffee shops, but not allowed to produce. :(

I have always thought it a shame that we & others make so many laws & disallow people from living & working in different countries, kind of like strict & expensive membership only clubs. Equal opportunity, are you kidding? :P!

By The visitor | 10 December 2012 1:42 PM

@The visitor: the "equal opportunity" are for citizens only, and sometimes those given citizen-equivalent status (like citizens of other EU countries).

Netherlands has no obligations (or the rest of the developed world for that matter) to provide "equal opportunity" for people whose own governments don't do the basic jobs on their homeland.

By A.L. | 10 December 2012 4:40 PM

@A.L.: I was referring to all countries & people, not just the EU..I know enough about EU law & visas, thanks anyway. :)

By The visitor | 10 December 2012 6:29 PM

It's so reassuring to see a fellow human being fighting against giving a minor (unpaid) favour to a CHILD who has not had the same opportunities and privledges as other children, having fled from terror or persecution in his/her own land.

Prevent them being educated, from achieving qualifications and selfworth, and toss them out of the country so it doesn't inconvenience the natives... isn't that right, A.L?

By osita | 10 December 2012 7:10 PM

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