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Councils not ready to supervise alcohol laws: hospitality industry

Monday 31 December 2012

Food safety inspectors do not expect many problems with the transfer of alcohol controls to local councils, despite warnings by cafe and bar owners that councils are not properly prepared.

From January 1, local authorities will be charged with making sure the alcohol laws are kept and that beer and other alcoholic drinks are not sold to the under-16s. Youngsters found with alcohol can be fined.

‘It is a step by step transfer of our knowledge and experience,’ a spokesman for the inspectorate said. ‘Our people will keep helping the councils. It is not as if we are suddenly being switched off.’

The hospitality industry body Horeca Nederland warned last week that youngsters will find it easier to buy alcohol because the councils are not ready to take over responsibility.

‘Some councils have said they have no money or manpower,’ the organisation said in a letter to the local authorities organisation VNG. ‘There would also appear to be a lack of will to find cash and people.’

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