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Dna and tv crime show tip-off solves 15-year-old double murder

Friday 09 November 2012

Two men, suspected of murdering two elderly Amsterdammers in 1997, have admitted the killing, the public prosecution department said on Friday.

Police re-opened their investigation into the 15-year-old double killing following advances in dna technology which led to blood found at the scene being linked to the national dna database.

Henk Opentij (79) and his neighbour Mary Run (73) were killed in a house in Amsterdam Noord. They had been tied up, their throats were cut and they had been stabbed many times.

However, one sample of blood found at the scene did not come from either victim.

Dna data base

New dna research led scientists to conclude the blood came from a man of African origin which linked to a tip from television crime show investigator Peter R de Vries. Dna from a family member was also identified in the national dna base.

The two men were arrested at the end of October and have been remanded in custody until February.

‘I am pleased that detectives have been able to solve this very serious crime,’ police chief Nicole Bogers told the Telegraaf.

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